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Gaussian optics ' optics2001 '  
10-9-2002, 4:34
2010-01-06, 21:00
What is the most suited software for gaussian optics simulation and fiber optics ?
WDM ' 1cable '  
10-9-2002, 8:46
10-9-2002, 8:46
I would like to receive materials (abstracts,articles,........) about fiber in telecommunications and wdm.Please help me!!
constants determination ' 1electro '  
12-9-2002, 1:16
2002-12-29, 0:07
If you have only two opportunity for optical constants determination which one do you choose-ellipsometry or spectrophotometry ?
New book about optical system...' 1science '  
16-9-2002, 23:37
Title: New book about optical system optimization
Dear Collegues
My name is Professor Darko Vasiljevic and I think that the information about my new published book can be of interest for the Optical Test Digest readers.
Title of my book is:
Darko Vasiljevic
Classical and Evolutionary Algorithms in the Optimization of Optical Systems
Kluwer Academic Publish...
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photocatalyst ' 2camera '  
12-9-2002, 11:23
I am looking for an optimum photocatalyst in photodissociation of NH3. Any lead would be appreciated.
"high speed fiber optic link" ' 2coating '  
17-9-2002, 1:28
Hi I am a student and in desperate need of your help with my project. I have to build two PCI cards slotted in two computers connected via fiber optic cable (50m) to transfer data bidirectionally at 100Mbps. I initially came up with a ethernet solution, but my supervisor didnt want this, he doesnt want ethernet or lan solutions, instead maybe point to po...
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Parallel mirror setup? ' 2trapping '  
2002-09-19, 21:11
2002-09-23, 6:35
I need one setup with two mirror parallel to each other, each about 3cm X 15cm, and surface requirement is 1/8 wavelength(633nm). This two mirror is put on a rotating stage, and rotate at about 0.27rad per second. I don't know how to setup to preserve the parallel and surface requirements.
The distance between the mirrors is about 10cm, I have an KBr BS....
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Index data ' 1camera '  
2002-09-20, 4:44
2003-01-02, 7:31
I am looking for visible-wavelength (380-780 nm)
spectral data on the real and imaginary refractive indices of common glasses
(inexpensive soda-lime-silica glass).
Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.
Fiber bragg grating ' 3lens '  
2002-09-24, 1:08
Hey friends, I want to know whether you have the formula of fiber bragg grating.
Checking flatness ' 3optronics '  
2002-09-28, 0:24
2002-12-18, 3:40
Hi there,..
Can anybody tell me how to check the flatness of a plano surface of a lens whose diameter is large... say of the order of 1.1 m.
The thickness of the plano lens is 1.5 cm.
Any suggestion regarding this would be appreciated.
PGET,R and D,
General Optics (Asia) Limited.
Chromatic dispersion ' 1testing '  
2002-10-08, 12:58
2002-10-09, 7:50
I am beginner in the field of optical fiber communication, I need help in this field, my research area is Chromatic dispersion measurement with the help of OTDR and four wave mixing.
Please help me in this regard, if anyone have any idea, please share me.
Thank you.
Pump laser ND YAG ' 5wdm '  
2002-10-11, 4:19
2002-12-18, 10:51
I want to help !

My field: Pump laser Nd YAG by electronic

Mode overlap calculation ' 4mode '  
2002-10-11, 8:35
2002-10-16, 5:10

Hi, all. Can anyone help me with a small question of theoretical nature?
I'm launching light from a single-mode fiber into a multi-mode planar waveguide (PW). How do I calculate the coupling loss when I have the overlap coefficients for each PW mode. Do I simply add these? Wouldn't I risk a total coefficient larger than 1?

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Fly's eye lens ' 2holograph '  
2002-10-13, 21:50
2002-10-14, 1:57
What's does it mean ?
NIR and BK7 ' 3multiwave '  
2002-10-17, 20:52
2002-10-17, 20:48

Hello everybody,
For a NIR reflectance spectroscopy 900-2000nm application, can we use BK7 optical hardware, since fused silica interfere with the O-H stretch band.
I welcome any extended help.

S. Rajendran
New materials ' 5reference '  
2002-10-18, 1:29

As a new member, I would like to get an end user insight to what new materials may be needed.
Art and mathematics question ' 5decay '  
2002-10-18, 1:30
2002-11-04, 11:47

I am a 24 year old Art student looking for the mathimatical ratio by which objects apear to shrink in size as they move away from our points of perspective. I would also like to know who was the earliest person to correctly measure this nature of 3D space (Perspective).

Cathode sputtering ' 4decay '  
2002-10-29, 5:43
2002-11-13, 11:26

Do you have any idea of what's the best choice of material to reduce the problem of electrode erosion in a high power gas laser?
Thin film ' 3optronics '  
2002-10-26, 5:06
2002-12-18, 20:32
Hi there...
I would like to measure the thin film thickness of a chromium deposit on a glass substrate. The thickness of the film is in terms of nm.
Anybody... who knows a method to measure this....please do suggest the same.
Thank you
Lens in mobile phone? ' 2holograph '  
2002-10-31, 19:04
2002-11-25, 7:48
I want to read something about optical lens style in mobile telephone,and such as,what kind of lens,and which kind of optical coating on lens.Thank you!!
Zemax Optical Design Books? ' 6gradient '  
2002-11-01, 17:00
2002-11-21, 13:45
Has anyone found any books on how to use ZEMAX?
I am familiar with optical design, HOWEVER, I am still learning how to use the Zemax optical design program.
I have taken the Zemax course, however, a book explaining how to use Zemax would be most useful.
Steve King
Fourier Lenses ' 7ndyag '  
2002-11-11, 10:13
2002-11-13, 3:46
Does anyone know where to buy Fourier Lenses for Difraction experimental setup ?
I would appreciate this information.
Experimental setup help ' 2trapping '  
2002-11-29, 7:29
2003-01-22, 5:58
Hi, I'm hangxing wu in shanghai. I want to make friends in the field of optical system design. Now I have a problem in fixing a mirror in my experimental setup. Would you like to help me?
Laser beam propagation ' 7measure '  
2002-11-11, 10:21
2002-11-26, 0:33
I proposed and applied a method of te numerical solution of the problem of non-paraxial laser beam propagation in a uniform medium with saturated non-linearity (sharp focusing etc).
Somebody has any interest in it?
Maybe some one already solved such problems?
It is intersting to discuss before submitting the paper.
FAR infrared fiber optics ' 5ramsey '  
2002-11-11, 10:27
Hi, have You any tip about fiber optics producer.
I need fiber for pyrometry (spectral transmitance 1-6um or better). If You have any experiens with pyrometry inside jet engine, please contact me.
Benson Prism. ' 6calcul '  
2002-11-11, 10:31
2009-08-24, 10:34
I came across the term and have been unable to find what the configuration is and what it is used for.
retinal media...' 5hitech '  
2002-11-11, 11:05
2002-11-12, 11:37
Title: retinal media transmission/absorption ?
I would welcome any data concerning the optical transmission/absorption of the pre-retinal media and the pigment retinal epithelium of the human, rhesusmonkey, and rabbit eye.
CIE Measurement Explanation ' 8fourier '  
2002-11-12, 12:06
2002-11-13, 7:27
Can someone please explain, or point me towards an explanation of, what the 2 degree and 10 degree Observers are for the CIE colorimetry standards. Especially in relation to taking a measurement (does the cone angle of the collection optics have to be 2 degrees or is the cone angle of the illumination source 2 degrees?).
Fiber-Slit Transmission ' 8fourier '  
2002-11-18, 8:27
2002-11-18, 13:59
In a system that uses a multimode fiber with a slit on the output, how can I calculate the transmission losses due to the slit?
magneto-optical materials ' 8echo '  
2002-11-19, 5:10
Looking to discuss near-field characterisation of magneto-optical materials - how well does the evanescent wave preserve the all important polarisation information necessary to caharacterise these materials.
Stereoscopy ' 9fiber '  
2002-11-21, 12:50
2002-11-21, 13:38
I heard of this website as a good documentation centre in optics.
Sometimes I am looking for a theoretical point in optics
(diffraction, imaging, lenses, human vision...)
all related with stereoscopic imaging
material having magnifying...' 6quantum '  
2002-11-22, 16:44
Title: material having magnifying effects?
Hi, all,
I remembered reading something about some kind of crystals having a magnifying effect. Do not
remember exacly what they are. Any knowledge on this?
Thanks for any response,
ZnSe Crystal? ' 2coherent '  
17-9-2002, 12:26
Hi, I am working on High pressure/High temperature reactor fitted with a ZnSe crystal for IR studies. I am facing some problems with our Optical fiber and ZnSe crystal,
Can you help me in that? Can you send me some information on the suppliers (from India) of optical fibers and crystals for IR studies ?
Sorry to bother you and thanking you in anticipatio...
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NIR spectroscopy ' 3multiwave '  
2002-10-16, 7:12
2002-10-22, 21:38
Hi this is Rajendran from Automation Associates, Trichy
interested in NIR spectroscopy, welcome any details which can help to rigup optical system in NIR DOMAIN.
Looking for any help in analog designs electronics feel free to contact.
Laser abberations ' 4dwdm '  
2002-10-31, 1:34
2002-11-05, 8:31
Hi! I am Sebastian Cichowski, young laser & optics engineer. I have some problems with understanding one optical issue. I would grateful for short infos about this.
Generaly abberations. Is some diference between aberrations computed for geometrical optics and laser beams? If I calculate and optimize optical system for abberations in OSLO, which works for geo...
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Polychromatic MTF ' 7index '  
2002-11-23, 9:59
Why do the standard methods (pupil convolution, etc.)of calculating the polychromatic MTF fail for a stack of coaxial matched kinoforms?
Low cost Communication...' 7grating '  
2002-11-23, 9:59
Title: Low cost Communication solutions?
Interested in low-cost communications solutions relavent to third world.
Particle size distribution ' 7ndyag '  
2002-11-27, 10:02
2002-12-17, 6:58
I need information on Particle sizing distribution using Fraunhofer Diffraction. I would appreciate if someone can give me information on computer simulations, articles, websites, text books and any other related materials on the subject.

Thank you
quartz UV absorption ' 8science '  
2002-12-03, 14:48
2003-02-05, 8:13
All my literature suggests that alpha crystal quartz should be highly transparent to below 200 nm, yet I have a situation in which I MAY be seeing significant absorption at 355 nm. Does anyone have experience with this? Can anyone offer guidance?
IEEE Journal of Lightwave...' 8history '  
2002-12-12, 4:05
Title: IEEE Journal of Lightwave technology
please tell me if there is any IEEE special issue on integrated optics/optoelectronics such as in IEEE journal of lightwave technology and IEEE Journal of Quantum electronics.
Thank you.
Jun Zhou
Coupler infos? ' 7electro '  
2002-11-28, 10:54
2003-01-02, 8:07
HI! I am student of fiber opics, I am working on coupler & wdm's . what tpye of help u can provide me in this regard. I am hopping for positive reply.
AR coating? ' 6mirror '  
2002-10-16, 18:27
Do you know about available AR coatings that can increase transmittance of ITO by 4-8 % to over 90?
Thin disk Yb:YAG ' 4optronics '  
2002-12-15, 22:15
2002-12-18, 12:08

Were cound I find more info about this?
thin disk Nd:YAD ' 6quantum '  
2002-12-18, 12:07

Please send me the required parameter, and I will give you more info.

You will find more information about me...' 9quanta '  
2002-12-19, 3:17
You will find more information about me at the following link:
Complex convolution question ' 10switch '  
2002-12-19, 9:09
I'm working on optical simulation (for microlithography) including phase information--
How do I set up the kernel for a complex convolution that includes phase information?
Non linear optics thesis ' 10harmonic '  
2002-12-19, 14:35
I'm joining the Optical Community to get -possibly- some help in beginning (I am a student which is working on her thesis) my studies in nonlinear
I'm going to set up experiments of nonlinear optics on SWNT samples at ENEA (Frascati).
I would like to find some good readings to get into the field.
Direct detection optical...' 10people '  
2002-12-22, 9:57
Title: Direct detection optical trans-receiver
I am a student who need information regarding the Design and development of a Direct detection optical trans-receiver. I really need any kind of info such as reading material, sites or any advice from all of u. I am doing my final year project and I am responsible to design the receiver part.
band gap ' 11camera '  
2002-12-25, 23:03
I'm an Electrical Eng student looking for info about how to use lasers to deliver band gap energy to electron particles.
Coupling loss ' 11cryogenic '  
2002-12-28, 17:58
2005-11-05, 13:43
Hai!!! I am working with fiber optic coupler assembly and the different parameter effecting the coupling loss.
I would really appreciate any advice
Thank you
Passive components ' 11display '  
2002-12-29, 14:49
2003-01-09, 11:29
Hi, I work as an optical component engineer responsible for selecting and approving passive optical components primarily.
I am interested in information on new designs and new technology platforms for passive components.
Photon counters ' 11fourier '  
2002-12-30, 21:08
Hello! I'm a new member from Vietnam. I want to know about information of photon-counters for my research and teaching.
Optical fiber sensor ' 3refraction '  
2003-01-01, 17:34
Hi! I am a student conducting research in optical fiber sensor to measure the deflection of cantilever beam. I got one new system in my mind and hope to make sure whether it can give me the satisfied performance. Could you give me some information about how to test the feasibility of the imagined optical system. Thanks very much in advance!
Ronchi test ' 11quantum '  
2003-01-03, 17:00
2003-01-07, 6:55
I'm tring to make quantitative measuraments using the Ronchi test, I see that is more used in qualitative way
(althoug there are many good works in quantitive).
Any contact with person who use Zernike polinomials, or Ronchi Test will be welcome.
Polarimeters ' 11radar '  
2003-01-03, 23:58
Who makes commercial polarimeters for measuring the polarization state of laser beams? Do you have any experience / opinions of available devices, such as the Thorlabs PA500 series?
Laser Exercises ? ' 11newton '  
2003-01-05, 20:41
I am a 11newton, I live in VietNam. I am an assistant teacher at the HCMC University of Natural sciences, my major is in applied physics. In my school, there aren't any exercises on laser so I would like to have some. If you can help me, please reply me as soon as posible. thanks very much.
Fiber reflective components ' 3refraction '  
2003-01-06, 4:58
How to allow the light to loop back and forth repeatedly in multimode fiber? I propose to put two reflective components into the fiber to make a zone that light can cross repeatedly between the two reflective surfaces. Could you please give some suggestions on that?
Thanks very much!

Phase masks ' 11splicing '  
2003-01-06, 8:11
I'm looking for info on phase masks for printing gratings on photonic devices, especially processing aspects. Does anyone have a good source for this info?
Corneal Biomechanics and...' 11switch '  
2003-01-06, 17:12
Title: Corneal Biomechanics and Customized Ablative Procedures.
I am working with multiple laser systems and corneal measurement devices to validate that the cornea reacts biomechanically to the change in structure imposed by laser surgery.
Is this a depth- dpendant, non linear response that is a function of the number of lamelae cut? Does it produce falttening at levels that do no v...
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Tissue properties measurement ' 11wafer '  
2003-01-07, 9:52
I am trying to measure the optical properties of vitreous humour (eye material) in the mid-infrared (~6 microns). Does anyone have ideas about suitable sources and detectors to be able to use the integrating sphere and IAD method, or of another way to measure the absorption and scattering coefficients and the albedo?

All help would be grea...
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Diffractive optics ' 12brillouin '  
2003-01-08, 14:31
Has anyone use binary optics (diffractives) in a high MTF imaging system?
Fused Fiber Devices ' 12carbon '  
2003-01-08, 22:01
I need information about optical fiber fused devices, which are fabricate on FBT process, like coupler, WDM, PM coupler, ...
Information ' 12carbon '  
2003-01-09, 10:46
2003-07-10, 18:56
I need information about optical fiber fused devices, which are fabricate with FBT process, like fused coupler, WDM,& fused PM coupler, ...
Koester Prism info ? ' 12diode '  
2003-01-10, 2:17
Where can I find the original work for the Koester prism that is used in the fine guiding system (FGS) in the hubble telescope?
Laser detectors ' 12quantum '  
2003-01-15, 3:13
Does any body have theoretical and technical Data on Laser detectors, box car averager, lock-inamplifier and monochromator.
NIR Plastic Properties ? ' 12sensor '  
2003-01-15, 13:06
2003-01-23, 6:44
I'm looking for information on optical properties (mainly index of refraction and dn/dT) of plastics (PMMA, Styrene) in the NIR.
Ready to share infos ' 13hartmann '  
2003-01-17, 6:59
2003-02-19, 23:59

It will be fun to share technical infos with others specialists.
optical connector ' 13coherent '  
2003-01-19, 23:04
2003-02-16, 8:07
anyone help me
if you know about optical noise due to optical connector
Pulsed Fiber Lasers ' 4dwdm '  
2003-01-22, 3:34

I hopw simple question

How these kind of lasers work? Fiber doped with Q-switch material?

What is MOPA. IPG company is using this method for pulsed FL.

Thanks a lot for any answer
Sebastian Cichowski
Divergence of laser beams ' 13crystal '  
2003-01-22, 9:20
2003-01-23, 10:59

Hello everyone, I'm a new member here and I would appreciate your help in the following question. Why the laser beam of a Semiconductor laser diode diverges faster than the one of a HeNe laser?
Thank you!
Nd:Yag resonator design ' 13grating '  
2003-01-23, 2:59
I need some information about 100 W pulsed Nd:YAG laser resonator design.
Help me- Semiconductor...' 9argon '  
2003-01-24, 6:36
2003-01-28, 10:55
Title: Help me- Semiconductor optoelectronics
Now I 'm studying about semiconductor optoelectronics. I really want to find websites, pdf book about the principles or introduction of this subject for my study.
Please show me where I can get it?
Thanks very much!!!
CAD and raytracing Package? ' 13neural '  
2003-01-26, 21:19
2003-02-13, 7:49
I am trying to select a mechanical CAD package that would serve as a front-end to ray tracing/optical simulation. I am considering SolidWorks with OpticsWorks. Is there a better/cheaper solution?
FBG Strain Sensor ' 13newton '  
2003-01-26, 23:21
2003-02-13, 8:02
I'm designing a FBG strain sensor packaging for
1) embedding into concrete and
2) surface mounted by wedding.
Do you know of which packaging materials are suitable, eg., aluminium, stainless. Why?
Do you know which brand/model of adhesive/epoxy is good for these purpose?
Many Thanks
Coating design software ? ' 13wavefront '  
2003-02-02, 21:46
2003-02-13, 8:08
Hi All, from Geelong in Australia.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend some software which could be used to design coatings to achieve reflection/absorption at wavelengths from the IR through to visible and simulate the responses?
Thank you for any help....
Colin V.
Low Light Level CCD ' 3optronics '  
2003-02-03, 22:52
2003-02-13, 20:20
Please let me know which one of the following CCDs is better for low light applications.
1/2" CCD , 1/3 " CCD
The F Number of the Lens is 360 at focal length approximately 300 mm.
Thanx in advance.
PM Fiber ' 12carbon '  
2003-02-04, 0:43
2003-03-28, 19:41
I am angla student of Engineering, & my project is on the fabrication of PM fiber coupler at 1310, using FBT process.
Can any one tell me about PM fiber, that which company PM fiber is Suitable for this process & especialy what is part number of the PM fiber.
I will be much thankfull.
Looking for dispersion data (into the...' 14coating '  
2003-02-05, 12:28
Looking for dispersion data (into the infrared) of Cargille liquids
Optical characteristics of...' 14fractal '  
2003-02-07, 8:06
Title: Optical characteristics of Nichrome

I'm considering using nichrome as a ND filter for a project, and I want to model it in Code V. I'd appreciate any information about or where to find the refractive indices for nichrome since neither John Weaver or the rubber bible has this information.
Interested in millimeter wave and THz...' 14degre '  
2003-02-08, 11:56
Interested in millimeter wave and THz imaging optics and sources
Who are the best supplier in...' 14nonlinear '  
2003-02-10, 23:48
Title: Who are the best supplier in optical fiber technology?
long-period bragg gratings ' 3refraction '  
2003-02-11, 0:42
2003-02-11, 5:37

I would appreciate that a great deal that anyone can give me some information about long-period bragg gratings.

Thanks in advance!
To Patent or not to Patent that...' 14fourier '  
2003-02-11, 6:33
2003-02-23, 20:35
Title: To Patent or not to Patent that is the question ?
Guys offer some comments on this please.
I have a very solid, tooling patent idea that would enable a company to produce extreamly accurate prisms whilst reducing the costs, time and skill required to manufacture. The thing is, being a singular person ( not a huge corporation ) is it worth the effort in patenting when I couldn'...
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CTE of F-doped glass ? ' 14tunable '  
2003-02-14, 19:46
2003-02-17, 6:43
Hi, I am a new member here and looking for some information regarding the CTE of F-doped silica glasses. It will be highly appreciated, if anyone has related informtion. Thanks.
Ion sources ' 14patent '  
2003-02-11, 9:43
I am interested in any one who has information on Ion Sources.
Semiconductor surface states ? ' 14confocal '  
2003-02-12, 6:49
I'm researching photo-electric surface states of semiconductors such as GaAs and InP by Photoreflectance method.I'm establishing a Photoreflectance measurement system. You can instruct us what to need instruments and parameters of these instruments.
Thank you. I'm very happy to hear from you.
Sapphire rods ' 14splicing '  
2003-02-13, 18:06
2003-02-14, 12:05
We are designing miniature transducers; we need help in locating single crystal Sapphire rods and tubes with an Outer Diameter of 13 mils (330 microns) and an ID of 10 mils (260 microns) for the tube. Length is 5.64 MM for both parts. We appreciate any help whatsoever - we have searched amny suppliers and cannot find the tube process anywhere
Need very good quality relay...' 14pinhole '  
2003-02-14, 10:01
2003-02-23, 19:43
Title: Need very good quality relay lens

Hello, I am posting this a second time since the first posting does not appear in the list.

I need a very good quality relay lens. Please let me know of any suppliers that might have something in stock.
Thanks for your help.
Here is the specification:
Object size: 17 mm
Image size: 7.5 m...
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Hi Dear! ' 12carbon '  
2003-02-16, 11:57
2003-04-08, 14:06
I am student of Engineering, & doing my final year project on fused PM(Polarization Maintaining) fiber couplers using FBT process.can u provide me any information about it. i will be very thank full to u.
Best regards & Thanks
beam splitters / polarisation ' 4decay '  
2003-02-18, 2:50
2003-02-19, 1:37

Could someone help me to some practical info on the influence of a beamsplitter on a laser beam's polarisation? I mean, a transmissive, dielectrically coated beam splitter and a linearly polarised beam.
Could anyone give me some...' 3refraction '  
2003-02-18, 20:09
Title: Could anyone give me some information about sensing bend and curvature with FBGs? Thanks a lot!
millidiopter ' 15erbium '  
2003-02-20, 6:51

I am trying to convert millidiopters to fringe/irregularity. Also trying to convert resolution (in seconds) to fringes / irregularity.
These are both speced on US DOD drawings. I have a Zygo Gpi. I have done these conversions myself, but am somewhat unsure of there validity.
Atomic Spectra ' 15grin '  
2003-02-21, 13:32
I need an Atomic Spectra Data Base to be used in LIBS Spectrometer that I developing now. Unfortunately mi budget is very limited.
Nitrogen Laser ' 15degre '  
2003-02-22, 3:49
Hi, I work in laser based mass spectrometry design for various industry, Medical & R&D applications. Please suggest me products regarding the cheapest Nitrogen laser suppliers for MALDI, femtosec lasers for laser ablation expt.

Hot fiber optics link ? ' 15phase '  
2003-02-23, 11:57
I am not a optics specialist, but use optics as a tool for mechatronics.
I am presently looking for fiber optic link between "hot" 200?K electronics and "cold" 35?K photodetector for driving small motors.
Need Help Finding A 50 micron fiber NA11' 18thinfilm '  
2003-03-26, 17:59
2003-04-15, 0:06
Does anyone know a fiber optic manufacterer who supplies the following: NA11, 50 micron, step or graded index fiber to transmit 1064nm wavelength. Needs to handle 0.05Joules @ 100Hz
Solar Still ' 15tweezer '  
2003-02-25, 4:06
2003-04-22, 2:44
The design of solar still is a hobby to me.
I am interested in optimizing the optical performance of the system.
I have developed a new form of solar still and extended the concept which I want to check for their performance.
I want to enter in contact with expert on the optical field in order to build an math. model of my concept.
Optical Low Pass Filter ' 15trapping '  
2003-02-25, 4:06
Does someone know how to design OPLF???
greenhouse design ' 15tweezer '  
2003-02-25, 4:09
The class of my daughter had to develop a design of a greenhouse which maximalise sunpower input.
The question concerns the form of the dome-roof.
Suppose a long roof with a transverse cut in the form of the projection of an egg or parabolic or something between made in glass or plastic.
The shape of the roofs' curve and the orienta...
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Water peak absorbtion table. ' 13hartmann '  
2003-02-25, 8:56
2003-02-26, 8:27
I I'm looking for the water peak absorbtions wavelengths (of frequencies)in the communications bands (980 + E+S+C+L bands).
I dod not found it in the library.
Can anybody help me to find it ?
...' 15wavefront '  
2003-02-25, 14:42
Fourier Imaging ' 16hartmann '  
2003-02-26, 4:54
I need someone to tell me simply more about the interferometry and image processing and give me some addresses about them.
thanks alot
Hi, any feedback on multilayer ARC...' 16fizeau '  
2003-03-02, 8:52
Hi, any feedback on multilayer ARC coatings for InP
is appreciated.
polarization sensor for...' 16laser '  
2003-03-04, 11:09
Title: polarization sensor for humanitarian demining purpose
Hi there! I'm looking for any info about polarization sensors able to detect disturbed soils in order to search for antipersonnal mines in near and wide IR bandwitch. I'd like to know where I could buy ones cheap. Thanks a lot.
DUV Light Source ' 11hydrogen '  
2003-03-05, 2:22
2003-03-20, 12:39
I am the CTO of a young start-up company with an R&D branch in Israel. We are developing inspection systems in the visible spectrum and performing initial developments for UV and DUV. We are looking for alternative light-sources around 190-280 nm in several wavelengths up to a few nm spectral width.
Do you have information on conventional DUV lig...
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refractive index of ultrathin...' 14wavefront '  
2003-03-05, 22:05
Title: refractive index of ultrathin films

Hi, Friends:
I am working on the fabricaiton of ultrathin films by means of self-assembly. Thickness of the films I fabricated is in nanometer range, say several nanometer to 20 nanometer. I would like to know how I can measure the refractive index of these films. Are there any commercial instruments allowing me to get these data di...
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refractive index of ultrathin...' 14wavefront '  
2003-03-05, 22:10
2003-03-10, 15:43
Title: refractive index of ultrathin films

I am working on the fabrication of ultrathin films by means of self-assembly. The thickness of films I fabricated is in the range of nanometer, say, several nanometers to 20 namometers. I would like to know how I can measure the refractive index of these films. Are there any commercial instruments allowing me to get these data easily?
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PQ Optics looking for volunteers...' 6testing '  
2003-03-06, 15:31
Title: PQ Optics looking for volunteers to create a business. I need volunteer looking to create spectrum shifting binary components in optics. Discuss at
I would like to be informed about any...' 16retina '  
2003-03-07, 22:54
I would like to be informed about any local seminar / exhibition.
My optics background is nearsighted. I...' 17lithium '  
2003-03-11, 9:18
My optics background is nearsighted. I like to think that my electronics background of over 20 years isn't.
Wavelength range' 3refraction '  
2003-03-12, 19:57
2003-03-21, 11:30
I would appreciate that a great deal that anyone can give me any information about the wavelength range which can be absorbed by glass.
Kind regards,
Infrared Systems Job Market' 5soliton '  
2003-03-14, 11:05
2003-03-17, 1:05
Hello, I'm close to graduate with a PhD and I'm screening the job market.

I did my dissertation on Infrared Focal Plane Arrays, that is making infrared cameras by using novel detectors (antenna-coupled microbolometers).

I noticed that all of you have a background in IR-Technology and work/study all over the world.

I was wondering how were the job oportu...
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Laser Machine' 3refraction '  
2003-03-16, 19:39
2003-03-17, 6:50
Which type of laser machine I should use to do micromachining on glass fiber? Any words from you will be highly appreciated.
Best regards,
How to measure the focal lenght of aspheric lenses ?' 4beam '  
2003-03-20, 5:34
Please, could you recommend me the easiest measuring method of the focal length for the plan convex aspheric lens (EFL=100mm at the wavelength 2150nm, glass BK7; R=49,963; Global asph. dev: P-V 15mm; cc=0;
?=70mm; => A4, A6, A8, A10)?
We have our supplier for aspheric lenses, but we do not have the right equipment (like as interferometer) for our internal control...
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Optical glue ?' 17phase '  
2003-03-21, 1:35
2003-03-21, 11:27
I am looking forward good optical glue without any retractation during UV curing for the fabrication of sensors.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Dear Sir, ' 12pulse '  
2003-03-22, 0:50
I have just started learning/working in the field of interference filter design. Please do suggest me about coating unit specification and the basic calculation part.
with regards
Dr. Sanjay K. Sharma
Meeting for the Display Exhibition' optics2001 '  
2003-03-27, 3:48
Hi / Bonjour,

There is a 'Digital Display and Viewing Exhibition' soon:
1-2-3 of April 2003
Porte de Versaille - Hall 3
Paris, France

If you plan to go, this is the occasion to meet with other members.
Hello!' 18ccd '  
2003-03-27, 23:21
2003-03-28, 9:33
I am keen to know the latest trends in photonics. By this i can have a better exposure.
I'm new here.' 18excimer '  
2003-03-29, 20:18
I am designing a special effects motion picture camera, and have joined this site as part of that enterprise. In particular, I'm looking for a supplier for a small number of non-polarizing 50mm cube beam splitter prisms with 1/4 to 1/8th wave surfaces, and provided with an anti-reflection coating appropriate for visible light imaging (photography). To date I have used Edmund as a supplier, but the...
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How to determine the laser's loss and gain?' 15ultrafast '  
2003-03-31, 8:01
How to determine the laser's loss and gain?
what is different between cw and qcw?
Please teach me how to design boardbass antireflection coating on galss?' 2holograph '  
2003-04-01, 0:39
2003-04-01, 6:31
and which mateial is used in design ?
Think you?
Hi' 18moems '  
2003-04-01, 16:29
Feel free to contact me if you think I can be of any help in the field of (micro)sensor design/ analog design
Lens' 18resonance '  
2003-04-03, 5:02
I would like to interact with people working with lenses
Lens' 18resonance '  
2003-04-03, 5:03
2009-08-24, 10:35
I would like to interact with people working with lenses. I also would like to know if it is possible to mathematically model an optical lens.
High power F/O LED' 18safety '  
2003-04-03, 7:31
2003-04-15, 0:00
Q.C.' 19microfilm '  
2003-04-04, 11:57
I?d like to contact some especialists in Quantum Information. Also, my student is looking for a theme for his thesis. I?d be glad of receiving some ideas .
Seach' 19carbon '  
2003-04-05, 12:43
Hello from cayenne ( very hot and humide!- 29?c every time with 85% humidity) !!!
Laser beam modeling' 2wdm '  
2003-04-07, 8:52
I am trying to model a laser (Nd:YAG) with ZEMAX software. Can anybody tell me how to do it?
Surgical lighting' 19video '  
2003-04-11, 4:45
Please inform me about new surgical lighting.
BK7 meniscus for Maksutov' 19splicing '  
2003-04-11, 5:22
2003-10-16, 9:39
I'm starting a project to build two off axis newtonian maksutovs of 9 inch effective aperture. I need some names of suppliers for the bk7 meniscus blanks and some
sources that could apply high transmission coatings to them.
I emailed newport glass about slumping blanks on a
tilted form to create the meniscus and wedge - is that a possibility?
Soliton propagation' 19ramsey '  
2003-04-11, 5:47
I would like to know more about the soliton propagation in optical fibers.
D-type fiber' 3refraction '  
2003-04-14, 19:48
Could anyone give me some information about D-type fiber, like basic concepts,characters,etc.?Thank you very much!
Need help in production' 19wdm '  
2003-04-14, 21:48
2003-04-14, 23:59
My company is looking into making mode conditioning fiber optic patch cord.

We need help in:
1. machine need
2. production procedure
3. standard and testing procedure

Many many thanks.
Glass fiber purchase' 3refraction '  
2003-04-15, 0:15
I need the glass fiber suppliers information to order some fibers. I would appreciate that a lot!
Fiber optic patch cord.' 19wdm '  
2003-04-15, 2:47
2003-04-19, 0:31
I am looking into making mode conditioning fiber optic patch cord.
I need help in:
1. machine need
2. production procedure
3. standard and testing procedure
Many many thanks.
Can provide help in new product...' 20wdm '  
2003-04-15, 12:06
Can provide help in new product development
Cancave mirror with small cylindrical concave mirror inside' 9scanner '  
2003-04-15, 19:41
2003-04-24, 4:32
Dear Everyone,

I am working at SAMSUNG SDI R&D center in Korea.

I am trying to make a cylindrical concave mirror, size 400 mm by 300 mm. Radius of curvature is 800 mm.

The surface of the concave mirror is not smooth. It
has 400 small cylindrical concave morrors. Pitch of a small mirror is 1 mm and the radius of curvature is 3 mm.

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Please teach me how to design laser cavity use zemax?' 15ultrafast '  
2003-04-15, 23:17
Introduction' 20mono '  
2003-04-17, 21:41
2003-10-16, 9:28
I'm an independent consultant. Areas of expertise include design and development of custom optical, opto-mechanical and laser based systems for various scientific, medical, industrial and military markets. Extensive experience in medical imaging, zoom-objectives, laser beam delivery, handpiece design, etc. Also provide finished products of my own design at very competitive prices.
Prism pair (spectacles) info. requested re. 3-D viewing of horizontally adjacent stereo pairs' 20ccd '  
2003-04-20, 9:03
2003-05-15, 0:49
I am trying to locate the requisite information (to provide a lens manufacturer) so that s/he may produce (or, indeed one that already does)the following:

1. A pair of prisms /lenses for a viewer distanced a known distance from a stereo-pair of images (horizontally adjacent) on a wide-screen television monitor, the dimensions of the monitor screen and the dimensions of the adjacent...
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Message from egypt' ?+"?? '  
2003-04-23, 15:26
Dear sir
first how do you do, i am eng. alaa hafez, PhD. in faculty of engineering, Alexandria university, egypt.
i am intersting with the field of quantum well solar cell and i hope to contact you always because i know that you work in this area,
i hope to contact me
thank you and nice to know you.
Wring Grating' 3refraction '  
2003-04-25, 22:55
2003-04-29, 11:22
Dear all,

Could anyone give me some information in reference to how to write grating partially into the core, not through? Any considerations I should pay attention to?
Thanks a lot!
Fringing problem' 20ccd '  
2003-08-08, 7:29
2003-08-08, 8:42
I am using wedge prisms for a human viewing application. There is a problem with "fringing" (chromatic aberration or dispersion I believe),
where the image being looked-at has strong / hi-contrast dark and light edges.

AR coating has been suggested as a way to reduce fringing, but I am informed that AR coating is useful for laser usage, where it can reduce fringing down to ...
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Cr3+:Nd:YAG' 15ultrafast '  
2003-08-07, 3:16
What different is between cr3+:Nd:YAG and Nd:YAG?
Apochromatic Triplet' 18mask '  
2003-08-04, 13:46
2003-08-05, 10:07
I am interested in methodology for the design of apochromatic triplets.
I have been trying to use the method given by Rudolph Kingslake's Lens Design Fundamentals.
To what level the aberrations are to be corrected to qualify for an apochromatic lens?
Laser imaging with CCD during nights' 3optronics '  
2003-08-04, 12:31
2003-08-11, 21:27
Hi everybody,
I am trying to image a target at around 350 m during night time using a continous wave (810 nm) LASER diode ( power of 1.8 W).
Two cylindrical lenses ( a convex and a concave with their axis in perpendicular diections) are used to get a laser beam divergence of 30 X 24 degrees. An Infra Red enhanced ( for 810 nm wavelength) , 1/2 " CCD camera is used for imaging. The ca...
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Combiner' 9raman '  
2003-08-04, 13:40
What is a fused 2*2 combiner ?
Optical Coating material' 12pulse '  
2003-07-17, 4:55
I am in search of optical coating material supplies in India. If u can help.
Heat pipe' 15ultrafast '  
2003-07-14, 19:12
Hi,I want use heat pipe to transfer the heat of laser diode,and I hope that it can keep be constant temperature.
I wander the difference among the Micro heat pipe and the Loop heat pipe, capillary pumped loop,which one I should choose? And how to get the constant temperature.

Array of small concave or convex circular mirrors' 9scanner '  
2003-07-09, 12:41
2004-10-22, 15:31
I am Yoonsik Oh, working at SAMSUNG R&D Center in Korea.
We are trying to make an array of small concave or convex circular mirrors. Individual mirror size is about 3 mm in diameter. Array size is 600 by 500. Each individual mirror's radius of curvature is different. Can it be made? I will be very grateful if anyone let me have any information about this.
My e-mail is ohyoonsik@samsu...
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Static light scattering setup' 20kerr '  
2003-07-09, 12:45
2003-07-18, 11:30
I am assemblying at the moment a static light scattering setup (and other types in the future) and would appreciate any kind of help in chosing optical components and methods of which there is a great variety such as focusing lenses, telescopes, cell assemblies, vats with optically flat windows, etc.
Plane grating for NIR AND VIS' 20diode '  
2003-07-09, 12:38
2003-07-09, 12:50
Is it possible to design a good performing spectrometer using a plane grating for the range 450 to 1650 nm with a collimating lens rather than Czerny-Turner or Ebert-Fastie arrangements.
Modulator' 3refraction '  
2003-07-09, 12:21
Dear ALL,
Could anyone provide me some detailed information about core mode blocker and cladding mode modulator?
I would appreciate that a great deal!
Sincerely yours,
Light Intensity calculation' 3refraction '  
2003-07-09, 12:23
I would appreciate that a great deal if anyone can give me some information about how to calculate light intensity and intensity changement in Fiber Bragg Gratings, Long period gratings.
Thanks a lot!
Low cost thermopile?' 20prism '  
2003-07-09, 12:25
2004-10-22, 15:38
I am looking for a low cost infrared detector from 1000 to at least 6000nm for use in schools for:
prism spectrophotometry, including black body curves and absorption spectra detecting radiation from the human body
experiments usinf Stefan-Boltzmann Lamps and Leslie's Cube.
Principle of Bragg Reflection' 3refraction '  
2003-07-09, 11:59
2003-07-09, 13:12
Dear ALL,
Could anyone give me some information about principle of bragg reflection?
Thanks a lot!
Chromium coatings' 3optronics '  
2003-07-09, 12:04
2003-07-17, 8:25
Hi there,.....
I have a small query regarding chromium coatings
The chromium coating is for a transducer working on the principle of capacitance. Therefore the coating should have lowest surface resistance.
We evaporated chromium from Tantalum boat onto glass kept at room temperature and at a vaccum level of 10^-5 mbar.
A coating was done at 1 nm per second. At higher r...
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Panda Fiber' 7electro '  
2003-07-09, 12:10
I need PANDA fiber for making fused 2*2 coupler. can u help me in this regard.
Looking to create diffractive optics a pratical binary intent' 6testing '  
2003-06-09, 16:40
2004-06-18, 22:25
By bandwidth flip, by diffraction, using both cc and cv with diffraction in line, end result on spot as bandwidth flip.
AstroImaging' 20beam '  
2003-05-31, 18:15
2003-06-21, 13:04
My main interest is in digital astroimaging and digital sensors. I am specifically seeking a formula for the fraction of light reflected from a silicon surface (n=3.6) when it is coated with a simple 1/4 wavelength material with an intermediate refractive index.


Richard Heggie
Light power' 3refraction '  
2003-05-14, 1:32
2003-06-18, 12:19
Dear All,

What is the relationship between light power and wavelength? longer wavelength with more power or inversely?

Thanks very much!
Chromium coatings' 3optronics '  
2003-05-06, 0:04
2003-05-20, 6:49
Hi there,......

I have a small query regarding chromium coatings.

We evaporated chromium from Tantalum boat onto glass. On investigation
of coated chromium films using electron microscope ,about 25% Oxygen
concentration in chromium films was observed.

Is it possible to get rid of this Oxygen using annealing. If so, at
what temperatu...
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LED Model' 8fourier '  
2003-05-12, 14:06
2003-05-12, 23:39
I am interested in modeling the internal optics of an LED in Zemax. Does anyone have an example of how to set this up? (Specifically, I am interested in how to set-up the source, because I know the layer structure.)

Hi Everyone, ' 4ndyag '  
2003-05-12, 2:04
2003-05-12, 2:21

I noticed that there a lot of us Indians within this community of optics/photonics. All of us in various levels of the industry with varied skill sets.

I have always noticed that there is lack of information within the country in the area of fiber optics/photonics to help facilitate each one of us in our personal growth or for business development.
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Optical diffuser' 9excellent '  
2003-04-29, 10:36
2003-05-06, 14:40
I am looking for a good optical diffuser material in the infrared region. Does anybody know about companies producing optical diffusers?
IOC manufacturing?' 7electro '  
2003-08-21, 23:51
Wel come every body who want to discuss IOC processing and IOC u know about photo resist?
IOC manufacturing?' 7electro '  
2003-08-21, 23:53
Wel come every body who want to discuss IOC processing and IOC u know about photo resist?
Also discuss about optical passive devices
IOC Manufacturing' 7electro '  
2003-08-22, 0:14
Hello Dear!
Do u know aobut IOC designing,processing and manufacturing. what is photo resist?
Single-Mode Fibers' 3refraction '  
2003-09-03, 23:08
Dear All,

Could anyone please give me some information or hints about effects induced by bending on light propagation in single mode fiber? I would appreciate that a great deal!

Best regards,
Light distribution in single mode fiber' 3refraction '  
2003-09-04, 3:36
Could anyone give me some detailed information about light distribution in bent single mode fiber?
Thanks a lot!
Fiber Bragg Grating' 3refraction '  
2003-09-07, 3:06
Dear All,

Does the bragg grating technique pertain to singlemode fiber only? If so, why is that?

Thanks very much!
Optical Manufacturer Recommendations' 16radar '  
2003-09-17, 13:03
We are developing an infrared optical instrument to remotely sense leaks from natural gas pipelines. The technology is sound and our prototype works. Detailed design of the optics will be completed by the end of November. Shortly after that, I will be sending an RFP/SOW to optical manufacturers for the optical tube assembly. I have a number of manufacturers that I will be contacting, but I am ...
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Visible SLDs' 20optronics '  
2003-09-18, 11:37
Looking for supplier for super luminescent diodes in the visible wavelengths (420-700nm)
Edge filter' 3optronics '  
2003-09-22, 2:42
In short wave pass Edge Filter coating, we encounter "half-wave hole" problem. How we can avoid this transmission loss?
Paul Gasson, optical engineer.' 20dwdm '  
2003-10-20, 8:03
2004-02-27, 12:08
Hello all. I am in London, UK. I am currently on the lookout for another job...I have a wide experience of the optics industry. Including....Fibre optics, EDFAa, Adaptive optics, lens design, simulators, Infra-red Gas sensors and CCDs...
Laser and Optical Design' 20gradient '  
2003-10-20, 22:09
Vigitek, Inc. is a full-service Optical, Electro-Optical and Laser design and development consulting firm specializing in the equipment for Bio-Medical and Industrial applications. We provide expertise to those clients whose tasks require research, development, or design skills beyond their current resource base. We have the ability to provide timely answers to questions of feasibility and perform...
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Laser and Optical Design' 20gradient '  
2003-10-20, 22:10
Vigitek, Inc. is a full-service Optical, Electro-Optical and Laser design and development consulting firm specializing in the equipment for Bio-Medical and Industrial applications. We provide expertise to those clients whose tasks require research, development, or design skills beyond their current resource base. We have the ability to provide timely answers to questions of feasibility and perform...
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Victor Garkavy' 20gradient '  
2003-10-20, 22:12
Vigitek, Inc. is a full-service Optical, Electro-Optical and Laser design and development consulting firm specializing in the equipment for Bio-Medical and Industrial applications.
Mirrored end' 3refraction '  
2003-10-23, 22:41
Hi, all,

I intend to produce mirrored end at the end of plastic fiber. Could anyone give me some information about that?
Thank you very much!
Fused coupler?' 12carbon '  
2003-11-05, 0:44
Fused coupler?' 12carbon '  
2003-11-05, 0:46
Hi dear!
i am working on fused optical fiber coupler/WDM. i have also some experiance on speciality fibers.would u like to share information.

Porous Opal' 18infrared '  
2003-11-06, 7:21
Hello, colleagues,

We need red, green, and blue opals. I would be very thankful for information where they can be purchased.
New Member Introduction...' 20watt '  
2003-11-25, 2:35
Greetings, fellow optoelectronic geeks. I am a relative newcomer to the field, and enjoy tinkering around with new gadgets. I am interested in purchasing used DPSS equipment, if available, and would appreciate hearing from more experienced engineers about new developments and upcoming Exhibitions, Conferences and other events.
LCD Module needed' 20ndyag '  
2003-11-27, 3:09
2003-11-27, 21:58
URGENTLY looking for projection LCD module with VGA/XGA input.
Were you a student in Paris?' 21emitting '  
2003-11-27, 8:41
2004-01-31, 8:03
Your name is the same as that of a former fellow student in Paris, France. This would have been in 1978-1979. Were you studying in Paris at this time?
Best Optical Design Program???' 21amplifier '  
2003-12-13, 10:30
I am considering buying OptisWorks to do reflector design for solar simulation systems. Ha anyone had experience with this?
Position Sensing' 21carbon '  
2004-01-21, 8:39
2004-02-27, 12:22
I am looking for methods and implementations for sensing the actual deflection of micro-electromechanical devices.
Research Scientist' 21cassegrain '  
2004-01-22, 10:27
2004-01-26, 22:32
Where can I purchase optical plastic fiber?
Who makes glasses with names such as LBC-2, DBC-1, EDF-3 etc?' 6quantum '  
2004-02-06, 18:15
2004-02-27, 12:05
Hi, friends:

I know Schott, hoya, Ohara and a few other glass makers. But never saw the glasses with names such as LBC-2, DBC-1, EDF-3 etc.

Are those above glasses names belong to any glass manufacturer?


Image Scientist - Quality - Washington D.C.' 21confocal '  
2004-02-24, 18:40
Position Description:

Our client is seeking an individual who will be working with remote sensing systems. In addition to excellent mathematical skills, applicants must have a technical understanding of imaging systems and how image quality can be impacted. The position is analytical in nature and would include working in the areas of image chain analysis and optimization, image enh...
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Funky glass for unique photos.' 21cryogenic '  
2004-02-26, 11:28
I am always in search of funky lenses to provide professional photographers with alternatives to Nikon and Canon's aberation free (relatively) lenses. Any help with wider brighter optics that provide unique photographic effects for Digital SLR shooters is appreciated.

Have a super day.
Just joined & become a new member of Optics2001..' 21crystal '  
2004-02-27, 11:58
2004-12-07, 22:12
And would like to discuss & learn more about optics ..
Dear All, ' 3refraction '  
2004-03-15, 4:13

Who could give me some information about what software can simulate and calculate reflection ratio by a mirrored end at the plastic fiber?

Thanks very much!
Single mode with high power' 21erbium '  
2004-03-23, 16:39
2004-03-29, 12:08
I am trying to find a way to get single mode light through a fiber that can handle 30 uJ of power in <10ns pulses at 532 nm. A standard 3.5 um fiber will burn. Any ideas?
Please help Me!!!!' 16degre '  
2004-04-28, 2:54
Broadband polarizers' 12ramsey '  
2004-05-04, 9:00
2005-11-05, 13:24

I search a thun film linear broadband polarizer: 400 to 1200 nm.



Camera lens drawing' 21lidar '  
2004-05-06, 13:24
2004-12-10, 3:20
I need someone to draw a mechanical design for a camera lens.
Lucid' 21lightpipe '  
2004-05-07, 9:44
"Let there be light... and the Light was good!"
Mr' 21moems '  
2004-06-04, 7:45
I am interested in using some RayTracing software to design illumination systems. Can any body advise of the best software to simulate a simple multiple source and multiple lense optical system
Questek laser info needed' 21coherent '  
2004-06-07, 20:52
2006-08-06, 22:37
Hi, all.

We recently acquired a Questek Impulse 4530 excimer laser, which I'm attempting to work on. Unfortunately, it came without manuals. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of the operating manual (and, if possible, a service manual), I'd be extremely grateful to hear about it.

Cheers and thanks --
jon singer
Organic Q-switch' 1people '  
2004-07-04, 16:31

I am interest in built a organic Q-switch.

Do somebody knew the speed of answer at change of energy of electrical current of the common Q-switch ?

On the other case, the reference where I can look up this numbers.

Because, maybe organic materials are too slow to be a device as Q-switch to scientific intentions.
Organic Q-switch' 1people '  
2004-07-04, 16:36
2004-07-05, 16:25

I am interest in built a organic Q-switch.

Do somebody knew the speed of answer at change of energy of electrical current of the common Q-switch ?

On the other case, the reference where I can look up this numbers.

Because, maybe organic materials are too slow to be a device as Q-switch to scientific intentions.
Raman Spectroscopy' 21nonlinear '  
2004-07-21, 2:03
2004-07-21, 3:41
Hi, All:

I have a question: I setup a Raman spectroscopic system. 785nm laser, two 800nmLP filters, 300mm monochromator. My sample (chemicals) is immoblized on glass slides. I always see a huge peak at around 809nm (300 1/cm) and it tails until 820nm also. Is it a fluorescence peak? if not, where is it from?

Frensel surface' reflection '  
2004-08-06, 12:32

Anybody can help me? If I wanna to convert a plano-convex(spheric) surface lens to plano-frensel surface, how can I convert it to frensel type. What's the criteria to set the pitch width and its height or its relative height?

Raymond Law

Limited number of Adaptive Optics reports available at low prices' 21quartz '  
2004-11-26, 8:48
**Special offer ? Industrial and Medical Applications of Adaptive Optics ? last copies available at discount rates**

We have a limited number of copies of the above report left available which you can now purchase at the special discount price of GBP 499/ USD 899/ EUR 715. (Rate card price GBP 995/ USD 1795/ EUR 1420) But please place your order as soon as possible as stock of the r...
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Invitation' 1electro '  
2004-11-26, 7:38
Dear all,
I am pleased to invite you on our symposium
"Irradiation induced phenomena in halcogenide, oxide and organic thin films", Tryavna, Bulgaria, 15 -19 June, 2005
Please find additional Information on
You are welcome,
Best regards
Tz. Babeva
Optical gain' 21radar '  
2004-11-30, 16:35
I am sensing UV from a flame with a simple lens 2" in diameter using a UV Tron tube by Hamamatsu. (It has a sensitive area .19" in diameter.) For the sake of this qusetion there are no spurious UV sources. I just want to get the largest possible response. Suppose that with a 100mm focal length lens the flame fills 5% of the field of view, but with a 200mm focal length lens the flame would fill 20%...
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Help' 21Ramsey '  
2004-12-10, 1:34
2005-12-05, 19:21
I have joined the group and am able to log in but am unable to access technical library articles. When I select articles I just get a new (smaller) browser page with the same screen

Can anyone tell me how to access articles ?
Amateur Astronomer' 21resonance '  
2005-01-03, 15:07
Interested in LIDAR for simple cloud height and atmospheric water vapor content.
MTF measuring apparatus' 5optics '  
2005-01-13, 2:08
2005-02-18, 4:34
Currently I am looking for MTF measuring apparatus.
I wonder what is pro and cons for knife-edge scanning type and fine-slit scanning type. Anyone can help me, thanks?
HMD Design Question' 8fourier '  
2005-02-02, 9:58
2005-02-23, 10:27
I am in the processes of designing an HMD system (binocular tpe with separate display and optics for each eye). I am looking for information on alignment of the two displays/images (sometimes refered to as convergence, divergence, and dipvergence). Please let me know if you have any experience with this or know of a good design reference.

New guy in Reno' 21sensor '  
2005-02-22, 14:42
2005-03-02, 7:36
I'm new to the optics field, still learning. My employer, Spectir Corp. operates a hyperspectral imaging sensor known as the HyperSpecTIR. My interests lay in the knowledge of how optics are used to present information to CCD camera sensors.
Yoptics' 21silicon '  
2005-02-23, 6:22
2005-11-05, 13:39
Optical designer -

open to all questions concerning design
Need to simulate baby's eye model. Is...' 17switch '  
2005-03-02, 7:40
Need to simulate baby's eye model. Is it same model as adult with scale down to baby size?

Is someone familiar with a specific model for baby? Is someone familiar with additional sources for this information?

I am looking around for ressources in...' 21trapping '  
2005-05-20, 4:23
I am looking around for ressources in optics...
Need Help' 21vision '  
2005-06-10, 11:39
Hi guys, I am designing a new instrument utilizing 35 mm SLR camera design. Any help regarding design, prototype and manufacturing sources would be greatly appreciated. My company is located in Burbank, California but I will travel to explain project. Please Contact me @, or
CCD timing sequence' 5optics '  
2005-06-23, 23:52
Hi, I am working on the consumer digital camera. CCD timing sequence is new to me. I knew that the sequence is controlled by a timing generator (TG). I wonder anyone of you have any resouces to refer. I am searching for a book/website which explain the TG sequence for entry level like me. Thanks.
Help!!!' 21wavefront '  
2005-06-24, 13:50
In need to speak with opto-electronic engineers for career advice.
I am open for discussions concerning...' 22microfilm '  
2005-09-25, 6:45
I am open for discussions concerning automobile safety
Hello' 22hartmann '  
2005-10-17, 8:33
I'm living in Turin(Italy), if there is someone interested in thin film deposition please contact me by my mail
Help' 12carbon '  
2005-11-05, 13:44
I want to know about fused optical fiber couplers and wdm's.
Cesar' 22achromatic '  
2005-12-05, 17:49
Robotics, Motion Control and MCU designer
Telecentric lenses' 22achromatic '  
2005-12-05, 19:17
I am currently working on a metrology project consisting on measuring the width of a strip of metal lying on a black conveyor, using linescan cameras.
The linescan cameras are Atmel monochrome, 4096 pixels, 10um size (40.96mm sensor length) with an f-mount lens adapter. You can see the camera specs here:

At first, I was thinking on using an ordinary 35mm camera lens with a 1:...
more inside
Fresnel Mirrors' 22amplifier '  
2006-02-08, 11:15
I'm interested in what kind of results can be achieved by using reflective coatings on Fresnel lenses, making them into Fresnel mirrors
Years of experience developing medical...' 22bragg '  
2006-08-03, 1:24
Years of experience developing medical devices, including excimer and solid state refractive laser systems.
Gain guided laser diode' 14pinhole '  
2006-08-16, 11:11
I need a lower temporal coherence source (spectral width of at least 1 nm, with peak anywhere from 610 nm to 650 nm) which is also very bright: at least 5 mW total power (the more the better) out of 100 micron or smaller area at 0.1 NA. Multimode emission is OK.
I remember using a gain-guided laser diode more than 10 years ago and, if I recall correctly, it would have been a good fit (exce...
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Sensors swir imaging' 22camera '  
2006-10-09, 14:44
Hi, I am developing a MEMS display with...' 22cassegrain '  
2007-01-09, 22:07
Hi, I am developing a MEMS display with ultra-low power for portable application.
LIDAR for small UAV' 22ceramic '  
2007-05-22, 11:02
I am interested in learning what kind of miniature LIDAR systems may be available for small autonomous UAV's, who makes them? How small are the smallest? Anyone with knowledge of aerial topographical surveying equipment suitable for use on a small aerial robot, please write.
Thanks. W. Joe Taylor, P.E.
A silly question about cubic beam splitters' 22composite '  
2008-07-18, 4:16
I'm in the process of building an interferometer that uses a cubic beam splitter. I have one to hand and it came as a surprise that it wasn't 50/50.
Further thoughts on the subject made me realise that I know next to nothing about this type of beam splitter and I wonder if any one can explain how the split ratio is produced and the constraints on a near 50/50 splitter. In order to...
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Cubic Beam Splitters' 22composite '  
2008-07-18, 4:23
I'm hoping that some one can tell me how the split ratio of these is controlled and if there are any problems making up a 50 50 splitter from 2 prisms. Will conventional ar coatings or cement have any effect etc?

Hi!' 22correlator '  
2008-12-19, 9:32
Interested in laser light path optimization, scanning technology and photon detection.
Literature student seeking optics/catoptrics help!' 22diamond '  
2009-04-07, 9:24
I'm not an optician, scientist, physicist or mathematician! However, I'm researching a PhD thesis on mirrors and mirror technology in Renaissance literature and art. Part of my project involves describing, in plain and basic terms, the processes of vision - how the eyes see, as well as how reflections work. I'm looking for good, basic books that explain these processes and also good books that ...
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Wavelength calibration filter ' 6holograph '  
2009-04-17, 2:37
I am looking for a low cost filter that will be used for wavelength calibration of a near infrared spectrometer (700nm-2000nm). I need a few (at least 6) well positioned absorption or transmission peaks across the spectral range. The configuration can be either a small filter or a short piece of fiber. Is there any fabry perot filter available in the market that will have the required charact...
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Info on fiber optic test equipment' 6testing '  
2009-08-24, 21:24
If to effect the signal on fiber optic be an outside surrounding source is the equipment to see the standing sighal refencing to the effected signal, o'scope style comparisence. Would have think in a sphere like environment. Do you know of any manufacturers for style of comparring?
Publication date question' 22display '  
2009-08-31, 13:47
The link to this document does not work: Polarizing Optics Technical Discussion.pdf
It is a 4 page document put out by Oriel Instruments.
Does anyone happen to know why the link on the site doesn't work? Better yet, might anyone know the date of the publication?
Thank you.
Linda Dean - Librarian (585-263-1398)
LDzPePNgvPSMxEPp' v '  
2010-03-18, 8:29
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