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- Fibers-Amplification Erbium Sub Section
- Fibers-Applications Sub Section
- Fibers-Attenuation Sub Section
- Fibers-Bragg Gratings Sub Section
- Fibers 2-Cables Sub Section
- Fibers 2-Communications standards Sub Section
- Fibers 2-Connectors Sub Section
- Fibers-Couplers Sub Section
- Fibers-Dispersion Sub Section
- Fibers-ERROR Sub Section
- Fibers-Fabrication Sub Section
- Fibers-Fiber Detector Sub Section
- Fibers 2-Fiber Optics Sensors Sub Section
- Fibers-Integrated Optics Sub Section
- Fibers 2-IR Fibers Sub Section
- Fibers-Materials Sub Section
- Fibers-Modulators Sub Section
- Fibers-MUX Sub Section
- Fibers-Optical Fibers Sub Section
- Fibers-Other Amplifications Sub Section
- Fibers-Polarisation Sub Section
- Fibers-Solitons Sub Section
- Fibers-Sources Sub Section
- Fibers 2-Testing Sub Section
- Fibers-WDM Sub Section
Fiber Optics Introduction
Fiber Optics: The Ultimate in Telecommunications .PDFIntroduction
History of fiber optics Introduction
Polishing Bare Optical Fibers Introduction
Fiber-Optic Technology Intermediate
Hybrid/Fiber Coax (HFC) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Networks Intermediate
Fiber Optic Rate Gyros as a replacement for mechanical Gyros .PDFIntermediate
Fiber Optic Tutorial Level ?
Design Considerations for: Optical Coupling of Flashlamps and Fiber Optics Level ?
Light Loss In Single Mode Fiber Optical Switches Level ?
10.b Fiber Amplifiers Level ?
8. How Fiber Is Made Level ?
11.a Using Lasers With Multimode Fiber Level ?
Corning Interactive Fiber Selection Resource Level ?
Download the Corning Optical Fiber Tutorial Level ?
Fiber optics Level ?
Fiber Optic Sensor Technology Handbook Level ?
Teach Yourself Fiber Optics - Online Level ?
2. All About Fiber Level ?
Fundamentals of Fiber Optics Level ?
Micro Lensed Telecommunications Fiber Level ?
Fabry-Perot Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensor Level ?
Analysis of fiber gratings by external Bragg reflection Level ?
Laser to fiber couplers FAQ Level ?
Online Buyer's Guide - Fiber-Optic/Electro-Optic Test Equipment Level ?
sci.optics.fiber Level ?
Nonlinear property analysis of long-period fiber gratings using discretized coupled-mode theory .PDFResearch
Tunable Fiber Bragg Grating Filters .PDFAdvanced
Infrared fiber optics .PDFLevel ?
A fiber Bragg grating sensor demodulation technique using a polarization maintaining fiber loop mirror .PDFResearch
Multiwavelength pulse generation in semiconductor-fiber ring laser using a sampled fiber grating .PDFResearch
High resolution cryogenic optical fiber sensor system using erbium-doped fiber .PDFResearch
Bidirectional Single-Mode Er-Doped Fiber-Ring Laser .PDFLevel ?
Absolute fiber optic displacement measurement sensor .PDFResearch
Sapphire Optical Fiber .PDFLevel ?
Miniaturized 3D Mapping System Using a Fiber Optic Coupler as a Young's Double Pinhole .PDFResearch
White- Light Michelson Interferometry with Optical Fibers Sensor .PDFLevel ?
Eye Tracking Using Fiber Optics and Computer Vision Techniques .PDFResearch
Fiberoptic Sensor Components .PDFLevel ?
Fiberoptic Component Interconnection .PDFLevel ?
Room temperature multifrequency erbium-doped fiber ring lasers anchored on the ITU frequency grid .PDFAdvanced
A Fiber-Optic-Based 1550-nm Laser Radar Altimeter with RF Pulse Compression .PDFAdvanced
Frequency Reponse of Cross-Phase Modulation in Multispan WDM Optical Fiber Systems .PDFAdvanced
Cross-Phase Modulation in Multispan WDM Optical Fiber Systems .PDFAdvanced
A Poincare Sphere Method for Measuring Polarization-Mode Dispersion Using Four-Wave Mixing (FWM) in Single-Model Optical Fiber .PDFAdvanced
Practical Modelocked Fiber Lasers .PDFLevel ?
Numerical Aperture of Single-Mode Photonic Crystal Fibers .PDFResearch
Multiple beam interference in a quadrupolar glass fiber .PDFResearch
Dynamics of Bright Soliton in Optical Fiber .PDFResearch
Measurements of the instantaneous velocity difference and local velocity with a fiber-optic coupler .PDFResearch
Design and optimization of tapered structure of near-field fiber probe based on FDTD simulation .PDFResearch
The Channel Capacity of a Fiber Optics Communication System: perturbation theory .PDFResearch
Non-stationary Characteristics of the instability in a Single-mode Laser with Fiber Feedback .PDFResearch
Full-vector analysis of a realistic photonic crystal fiber .PDFResearch
The Scattering Theory of Oscillator Defects in an Optical Fiber .PDFResearch
Multiplexed strain sensor using fiber grating-tuned fiber laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier .PDFResearch
Experiments on chaos synchronization in two separate erbium-doped fiber lasers .PDFResearch
All-optical signal gating in cascaded long-period fiber gratings .PDFResearch
Electrically controllable long-period liquid crystal fiber gratings .PDFResearch
Bidirectional wavelength add-drop multiplexer using multiport optical circulators and fiber bragg gratings .PDFResearch
Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature by use of single fiber bragg grating written in an erbium:ytterbium-doped fiber .PDFResearch
Nonlinear property analysis of long-period fiber gratings using discretized coupled-mode theory .PDFResearch
Fiber Bragg grating temperature sensor with controllable sensitivity .PDFResearch
Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature using a single fiber Bragg grating and an erbium-doped fiber amplifier .PDFResearch
Temperature-independent strain sensor system using a tilted fiber Bragg grating demodulator .PDFResearch
Dynamic-Strain measurement with dual-grating fiber sensor .PDF Research
Recording of volume hologram using a beam pattern from tapered optical fiber .PDFResearch
Interferometric temperature-insensitive strain measurement with different diameter fiber Bragg gratings .PDF Research
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Nb of Links = 209 (Page 1)