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- Sources-Exotic Lasers Sub Section
- Sources-Ion Lasers Sub Section
- Instruments-Laser Communication Sub Section
- Quantum-Laser Cooling Sub Section
- Instruments-Laser Gyroscopy Sub Section
- Sources-Laser Properties Sub Section
- Quantum-Laser Stabilization Sub Section
- Sources-Lasers Sub Section
- Sources-Liquid Dye Lasers Sub Section
- Sources-Pulsed Lasers Sub Section
- Sources-SC Lasers Sub Section
- Sources-Solid State Lasers Sub Section
- Sources-Ultrashort lasers Sub Section
Measurement of Laser Outputs Introduction
Laser safety Introduction
Lasers and Applications .PDFIntroduction
Usefull Table and Helpfull Calculations for Lasers Introduction
Laser - properties of beam Introduction
Different types of lasers Introduction
Measurement with lasers Introduction
CW Raman Laser Studies Introduction
Laser frequency stabilization using regenerative spectral hole burning .PDFIntroduction
Studies in Vertical Cavity Laser Emission Introduction
Beam Circularizing and Astigmatism Correction Methods for Semiconductor Laser Diodes Introduction
Beam Characteristics of Semiconductor Laser Diodes Introduction
CO2 Laser Systems Introduction
Laser Tutorial Intermediate
Edge-emitting Lasers Intermediate
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers Intermediate
Diode Lasers Intermediate
Characterize lasers for DWDM transmission Intermediate
Design And Optimisation Of A Thulium-Doped Zblan Blue Upconversion Laser Operating At 455 nm .PDFIntermediate
Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDS) and Laser Diodes: Implications for Hazard Assessment .PDFIntermediate
Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Laser Radiation of Wavelengths between 180 nm and 1 mm .PDFIntermediate
Revision of the Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Laser radiation of wavelengths between 400nm and 1.4m .PDFIntermediate
Ocular aberrations before and after corneal refractive surgery: LASIK-induced changes measured with Laser Ray Tracing .PDFIntermediate
Characterizing Optical Components for Ultrafast Laser Applications Intermediate
Interpreting Laser Damage - Threshold Specifications Intermediate
Tutorials: Laser Diodes Intermediate
Laser stability and beam steering in a non-regular polygonal cavity .PDFIntermediate
Sam's Laser FAQ Intermediate
Lasers Level ?
Power Source for Continuous Wave Laser Level ?
Energy Transfer in Solid-State Lasers Level ?
CW Nd:YAG Laser Systems Level ?
Pulsed Solid-State Laser Systems Level ?
Energy transfer in Ion Lasers Level ?
Argon Laser systems Level ?
CO2 Laser Systems Level ?
Liquid dye Lasers Level ?
Semi Conductors Lasers Level ?
Ion Laser Power Supplies Level ?
Flashlamps for Pulsed Lasers and Flashlamps Power Supplies Level ?
Diode lasers power supplies Level ?
Electro-Optics Instrumentation of a Laser Level ?
Alphabetical listing laser and optics companies Level ?
Information about Imaging through turbulence, with special sections on Speckle interferometry, Adaptive Optics, Laser Guide Stars, SCIDAR techniques, etc... Level ?
Laser radiation protection program manual Level ?
11.a Using Lasers With Multimode Fiber Level ?
Lasers Level ?
Optics and Lasers in Engineering Level ?
Optics and Laser Technology Level ?
Ruby Laser Message Board - Ruby Laser info exchange, swap and trade. Level ?
Glossary of laser terms Level ?
Ads at Level ?
Glossary of laser terms Level ?
Laser to fiber couplers FAQ Level ?
Laser Measurements of Disks and Drives Level ?
alt.lasers Level ?
Laser Tuners and Wavelength-Sensitive Detectors Based on Absorbers in Standing Waves .PDFAdvanced
Long-Wavelength Vertical-Cavity Lasers and Amplifiers .PDFLevel ?
Self-Consistent Analysis of High-Temperature Effects on Strained-Layer Multi-Quantum Well InGaAsP/InP Lasers .PDFLevel ?
Simulation and Optimization of 420 nm InGaN/GaN Laser Diodes .PDFLevel ?
Cavity Length Effects on Internal Loss and Quantum Efficiency of Multi-Quantum-Well Lasers .PDFAdvanced
Analog Modulation of 1.55-micron Vertical-Cavity Lasers .PDFLevel ?
Hollow waveguide delivery systems for high-power, industrial CO2 lasers .PDFLevel ?
Small-bore hollow waveguides for delivery of 3 micron laser radiation .PDFLevel ?
Technology of Laser Beam Measurements .PDFLevel ?
Multiwavelength pulse generation in semiconductor-fiber ring laser using a sampled fiber grating .PDFResearch
Bidirectional Single-Mode Er-Doped Fiber-Ring Laser .PDFLevel ?
A Well Collimated Quasi-Continuous Atom Laser .PDFAdvanced
Transverse mode structure and pattern formation in vertical cavity semiconductor lasers. Advanced
Laser Interferometry in the Split Hopkinson Bar .PDFLevel ?
Room temperature multifrequency erbium-doped fiber ring lasers anchored on the ITU frequency grid .PDFAdvanced
A Fiber-Optic-Based 1550-nm Laser Radar Altimeter with RF Pulse Compression .PDFAdvanced
Anisotropic Unidirectional Operation of an Optically-Pumped CH3OH Ring Laser .PDFResearch
Forward and backward stimulated Brilloin scattering of crossed laser beams .PDFResearch
Telescope for imaging and laser communication .PDFLevel ?
Cancellation of laser noise in an unequal-arm interferometer .PDFLevel ?
Practical Modelocked Fiber Lasers .PDFLevel ?
Dynamics of External cavity semiconductor lasers Advanced
Dynamics of a ring-laser gyroscope with backscattering .PDFAdvanced
Synchronously pumped laser without inversion in cadmium .PDFLevel ?
Towards a laser-like source of atoms .PDFAdvanced
Modified spontaneous emission spectra of laser dye in inverse opal photonic crystals .PDFAdvanced
Phase Conjugated Mirror (PCM) in Solar Pumped Lasers .PDFResearch
New layouts of CO2 lasers cavities with Reflective Beam Sampler .PDFAdvanced
Laser devices for making a CO2 laser beam visible .PDFAdvanced
FAST CARS: Developing a Laser Spectroscopic Technique for Rapid Identification of Bacterial Spores .PDFResearch
Electron excitation and 'cascade' ionisation of diatomic molecules with ultra-short pulses of strong IR lasers .PDFResearch
Fundamental physics at an X-ray free electron laser .PDFResearch
A 1 W injection locked cw titanium:sapphire laser .PDFResearch
Analyzing laser-plasma interferograms with a Continuous Wavelet Transform Ridge Extraction technique: the method .PDFResearch
Zettawatt-Exawatt Lasers and Their Applications in Ultrastrong-Field Physics: High Energy Front .PDFResearch
Deviation from Snell's Law for Beams Transmitted Near the Critical Angle: Application to Microcavity Lasers .PDFResearch
Laser phase modulation approaches towards ensemble quantum computing .PDFResearch
Plasma-Induced Frequency Chirp of Intense Femtosecond Lasers and Its Role in Shaping High-Order Harmonic Spectral Lines .PDFResearch
The `diffusion' of light and angular distribution in the laser equipped with a multilobe mirror .PDFResearch
Kerr-lens mode-locked lasers as transfer oscillators for optical frequency measurements .PDFResearch
Reducing the linewidth of a diode laser below 30 Hz by stabilization to a reference cavity with finesse above 10^5 .PDFResearch
An ultrahigh-Q microsphere laser based on the evanescent-wave-coupled gain .PDFResearch
Observation of Scarred Modes in Asymmetrically Deformed Microcylinder Lasers .PDFResearch
Microwave-induced control of Free Electron Laser radiation .PDFResearch
Broadband optical gain via interference in the free electron laser: principles and proposed realizations .PDFResearch
Static and Dynamic Regimes of Arbitrary Gain Compensation Single-Mode Laser Diodes .PDFResearch
Synchronization and multi-mode dynamics of mutually coupled semiconductor lasers .PDFResearch
Direct Determination of Harmonic and Inter-modulation distortions with an application to Single Mode Laser Diodes .PDFResearch
Absolute frequency measurement of the 171Yb+ clock transition with a Kerr-lens mode-locked femtosecond laser .PDFResearch
Ablation of solids by femtosecond lasers: ablation mechanism and ablation thresholds for metals and dielectrics .PDFResearch
Absolute Frequency Measurements of the Hg^+ and Ca Optical Clock Transitions with a Femtosecond Laser .PDFResearch
Hard bremsstrahlung from femtosecond laser produced copper plasmas .PDFResearch
Hexagonal microlasers based on organic dyes in nanoporous crystals .PDFResearch
Spectral Characteristics of Ultrashort Pulses in Kerr-lens Mode-Locked Lasers .PDFResearch
Reversed Dark Resonance in Rb Atom Excited by a Diode Laser .PDFResearch
Electromagnetic energy penetration in the self-induced transparency regime of relativistic laser-plasma interactions .PDFResearch
Comments on Superluminal Laser Pulse Propagation .PDFResearch
Phase-coherent frequency measurement of the Ca intercombination line at 657 nm with a Kerr-lens mode-locked femtosecond laser .PDFResearch
Large Coherence Area Thin-Film Photonic Stop-Band Lasers .PDFResearch
Nonlinear Effects in CW Mode-Locked Solid-State Lasers with Semiconductor Saturable Absorbers .PDFResearch
Investigation of the Kerr-lens Mode Locking Ability of Cr:ZnSe Solid-State Laser .PDFResearch
Solitons and Quasi-Solitons in the Lasers: Basic Conceptions .PDFResearch
Automodulations in Kerr-lens Modelocked Solid-State Lasers .PDFResearch
Soliton Generation and Picosecond Collapse in Solid-State Lasers with Semiconductor Saturable Absorber .PDFResearch
Theory of sub-10 fs Generation in Kerr-lens Mode-locked Solid-State Lasers with a Coherent Semiconductor Absorber .PDFResearch
Controlling of exciton condensate by external fields and phonon laser .PDFResearch
Method of laser-radiation guiding in plasma .PDFResearch
A new regime of anomalous penetration of relativistically strong laser radiation into an overdense plasma .PDFResearch
Inversionless amplification and laser-induced transparency at the discrete transitions and the transitions to continuum .PDFResearch
Frequency stabilization of a monolithic Nd:YAG ring laser by controlling the power of the laser-diode pump source .PDFResearch
Axicon Gaussian Laser Beams .PDFResearch
'Single-cycle' ionization effects in laser-matter interaction .PDFResearch
Coexistence of thermal noise and squeezing in the intensity fluctuations of small laser diodes .PDFResearch
Laser cooling of electron beams at linear colliders .PDFResearch
The Kinetic of the Atomic Relaxation Induced by Laser Noise .PDFResearch
Theoretical Study of Quantum Dissipation and Laser Noise Effects on the Atomic Response .PDFResearch
Effect of laser polarization in laser-assisted electron-helium inelastic collisions:a sturmian approach .PDFResearch
Time resolved pattern evolution in a large aperture laser .PDFResearch
All Optical Flip-Flop Based on Coupled Laser Diodes .PDFResearch
Non-stationary Characteristics of the instability in a Single-mode Laser with Fiber Feedback .PDFResearch
Self-Pulsating Semiconductor Lasers: Theory and Experiment .PDFResearch
Lyapunov Potential Description for Laser Dynamics .PDFResearch
Thermal photon statistics in laser light above threshold .PDFResearch
Photonic quantum ring laser .PDFResearch
Zeolite-dye micro lasers .PDFResearch
Coherence and synchronization in diode-laser arrays with delayed global coupling .PDFResearch
Comparison of Recoil-Induced Resonances (RIR) and Collective Atomic Recoil Laser (CARL) .PDFResearch
Quantum Noise Reduction and Generalized Two-Mode Squeezing in a Cavity Raman Laser .PDFResearch
Concentrator of laser energy for thin vapour cloud production near a surface .PDFResearch
High-Power Directional Emission from Microlasers with Chaotic Resonators .PDFResearch
Volume free electron lasers .PDFResearch
Spatial holeburning effects in the amplified spontaneous emission spectra of the non-lasing supermode in semiconductor laser arrays .PDFResearch
Detuning Induced Effects: Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcations in Dynamic Model of One-Mode Laser .PDFResearch
Wave atom optics theory of the Collective Atomic-Recoil Laser .PDFResearch
Propagation of a short laser pulse in a plasma .PDFResearch
Spontaneous emission spectrum of the non-lasing supermodes in semiconductor laser arrays .PDFResearch
Polarization fluctuations in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers: a key to the mechanism behind polarization stability .PDFResearch
Analytic Solution of the Pion-Laser Model .PDFResearch
The split density model: a unified description of polarization and array dynamics for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers .PDFResearch
Quantum Noise and Polarization Fluctuations in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers .PDFResearch
Laser cooling of electron beams for linear colliders .PDFResearch
Propagation of a short laser pulse in a plasma .PDFResearch
Spontaneous emission spectrum of the non-lasing supermodes in semiconductor laser arrays .PDFResearch
Polarization fluctuations in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers: a key to the mechanism behind polarization stability .PDFResearch
Analytic Solution of the Pion-Laser Model .PDFResearch
The split density model: a unified description of polarization and array dynamics for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers .PDFResearch
Quantum Noise and Polarization Fluctuations in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers .PDFResearch
Laser cooling of electron beams for linear colliders .PDFResearch
Multiplexed strain sensor using fiber grating-tuned fiber laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier .PDFResearch
Experiments on chaos synchronization in two separate erbium-doped fiber lasers .PDFResearch
Systematic comparisons of the effects of the linewidth enhancement factor, confinement factor, internal loss, and the cavity length on the above-threshold characteristics of quarter-wavelength-shifted DFB lasers .PDFResearch
Distributed feedback lasers with refractive-index-modulated upper cladding layer of the grating for reducing the spatial hole-burning effect .PDFResearch
Laser-Focused Atomic Deposition-Nanofabrication via Atom Optics .PDFLevel ?
Surface Growth in Laser-focused Atomic Deposition .PDFLevel ?
Nanostructure Fabrication by Reactive-ion Etching of Laser-Focused Chromium on Silicon .PDFLevel ?
Laser Collimation of A Chromium Beam .PDFLevel ?
Laser Focusing of Atoms for Nanostructure Fabrication .PDFLevel ?
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Nb of Links = 288 (Page 1)