Retail Software - Retail and consumer services guide.

Freeman Software, Inc.
Developer of inventory and POS software. The software runs on Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and IBM PCs and compatibles. Products are sold to retail stores. This company was capitalized by private investment.

Practical Computer Solutions
Developer of computer solutions to the manufacturing and distribution industries.

KCSI: Retail Inventory Software
Offers inventory control software solutions, including integrated bar coding, label-making, and automated data capture functionality.

St. Michael Strategies: Traffic Management Specialists
Developer of software that tracks the percentage of store traffic making a purchase.

Centennial International, LLC
Developer of inventory control and order entry software. AIC Apparel(tm) is software used for inventory control, job costing and order entry by the apparel industry. The software runs on AS/400 systems. This company was capitalized by private.

Daily Sales Advantage
Automated daily sales reporting system that utilizes the latest in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Through extensive consultation with shopping center managers, owners and retailers, DSA was designed to give management and retailers.

Posse, Inc.
Developer of retail store software. Minding the Store(tm) is an integrated retail system with capabilities including inventory control, generation of stock ledger, price tag printing and purchase order management. The software runs on IBM PCs .

Software Development, Inc.
Developer of IRIS (tm), which is NT based and ISS60(tm) retail store management software. The software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles in a UNIX or NT environment. Products are sold to chain retail stores.

Provider of a variety of planning software for retailers of all sizes including planning from chain to location and from company to subclass.

DownEast Technology, Inc.
Parent/holding company for a unit that develops sales automation software. This company was capitalized by private investment.

Sound Solutions, Inc.
Provider of computer systems integration and custom software for mobile electronics sales, service and installation retailers. Developer of automotive service industry software also. The software runs on IBM PC-compatible systems and networks..

Buyer's Toolbox Merchandise Planning
BMI: Retail Software
Provides software solutions for the retail industry. Includes point-of-sale application and retail back office system.

SVI Retail, Inc.
Developer of retail store management software. The software includes inventory control, open to buy, order processing, sales analysis, purchasing, warehouse management, credit management and invoicing and billing. The software runs on the IBM .

Seaport Software, Inc.
Developer of inventory control software to assist managing small retail stores. Software runs on IBM compatibles. Products are sold primarily to gift stores. This company was capitalized by private investment.

Systech Corp.
Manufacturer of computer controllers and communications coprocessors and subsystems. Products are sold to many different markets and are used with microcomputers. This company was capitalized by private investment and venture capital.

Mayflower Consulting Group
Developer of sales automation, help desk, data integration and disaster recovery software for PCs and LANs. Products work with Lotus Notes. Products are sold to multiple industries.

Developer of business software which includes accounting, POS, inventory, CRM, eCommerce, marketing and more for small to midsize businesses.

Compco, Inc.
Developer of a comprehensive and fully integrated telemanagement and resale software system. The system includes four modules: database management system, inventory/work order system, facilities management system and student resale system. The.

Milano Systems
Software automation systems for the beauty, retail, footwear and clothing industries.

Zephyr Corporation: Retail Software Solutions
Offers ActiveX/.NET integration and PC or browser-based terminal emulation. POS terminal integration case study and free trial download available.

Touch Industries
Produces and distributes a touch screen application for the retail market.

ImageWare Technologies, Inc.
Supplier of one-to-one software solutions for the luxury retail, custom apparel/mass customization market. Applications include clientelling and customer relationship management at POS, Internet enabled custom order entry and garment design.

Pager Automation
Developer of automated billing and activation software that provides point of sales, bar coding, customer history, tracking and other functions. Software runs on Windows based platforms. The software is sold to pager resellers and carriers.

Bright Computer, Inc.
Developer of software used in retail stores such as garment and liquor stores. Software runs on DOS platforms. Products are sold to the retail industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.

Transparent Language, Inc.
Developer of foreign-language learning and translation software. Languages include French, Spanish, Latin, German, Italian and Russian. Software runs on Macintosh and IBM compatibles. Products are sold to consumers and educational institution.

Power Retailing
Developer of software for inventory liquidation, retail sales and cash flow solutions.

Omni Data Systems, Inc.
Developer of software, including hair salon management, vehicle maintenance and route accounting software for the beverage industry. The software is compatible with IBM computers and compatibles.

Retail Systems Alert
Provider of business intelligence services for the retail, ecommerce and supply chain industries.

Tele-Typesetting Co.
Publisher of reference books on disk and CD-ROM formats and developer of digital gourmet cooking software. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.

Global Trading Systems, Inc.
Developer of SoftShoe(tm), international trade software which handles product development and production monitoring functions. Products are sold to the fashion and footwear industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.

International provider of enterprise retail merchandising solutions.

SYSTEX the definitive solution
The Mint System
Supplier of retail information management system.

BTS Software, Inc.
Developer and marketer of Wintux(tm) point of sale and inventory control software for the formal wear industry. Software runs on Windows 98, 2000 and NT. This company was capitalized by private investment.

BusinessWare, Inc.
Provider of Internet web page design services and Internet hosting services. Developer of point-of-sale software for computer stores, computer dealers and computer VARs. Software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles. This company was capitalized b.

Unicon Systems
Computer software and systems development and consulting company catering to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and sales representatives.

Parent/holding company for a high-tech subsidiary that provide information services including data entry, telemarketing, data management services and that develop software for the retail and healthcare industries. This company was capitalized b.

MicroNEX, Inc.
Provider of integrated retail information management, warehouse management and point of sale systems software. Software runs on Intel compatible PCs. Parent/holding company of a high-tech unit that provides fraud prevention database management.

Edifice Information Management Systems
Offers services including store-level sales and inventory reporting, vendor-managed inventory, continuous replenishment, demand forecasting, order planning, EDI management and data distribution.

Davidson Software Systems, Inc.
Developer of business applications software, including funeral home management software and accounting software. The funeral home management software is used to maintain records on cases, including the necessary government forms. Accounting so.

Service Station Computer Systems, Inc.
Developer of accounting and automotive retail software. The Daily Book(tm) program is a basic bookkeeping and accounting package with additional modules that include inventory control, accounts receivable, accounts payable, work orders, custome.

Mellen Co., Inc. (The)
Manufacturer of advanced precision high temperature furnace systems developed for materials processing and standard laboratory heating apparatus. Products are sold to the annealing, fiber optics, materials processing and glass industries.

Retail Analytics Company
Provider of retail customer traffic information and business intelligence services to the shopping center, retail, financial services, media and entertainment industries.

Computer Avenue
Developer of financial analysis and planning software and retail trade software. The software is compatible with IBM compatibles and Apple microcomputers. The financial analysis software is used to monitor and plan financial investments. Prod.

Provider of software targeted to softgoods manufacturers and retailers to optimize the supply chain.
Provider of products and services, including turnkey application software, installation, training, support and consulting services.

Technolutions Company
Focuses on gift certificate management software, including secure design, printing and administration.

Shelf Logic
Software that assists in space and category management, including creating merchandising displays.

Total Control Information
Developer of retail applications software packages. Applications include pricing, receiving, inventory control, automated ordering, point-of-sale management, labor forecasting and scheduling, time and attendance, customer loyalty and financials.

Developer of retail management systems.

Computer Generated Solutions
Developer of enterprise-wide, supply chain management solutions to the sewn products industry.

Offers a software solution that enables web retailers to sell subscription products and services online.

Provider of integrated merchandise planning and ebusiness optimization solutions for the retail supply chain.

Smart Sign Systems
Provider of desktop publishing-based sign templates for retail product signage. Provides one-stop shopping for retail signage, including card stocks, software, sign clips and holders.

Classified Ventures, Inc.
Parent/holding company with high-tech operating units, involved in various e-commerce retail operations. This company was capitalized by venture capital.

Solutions By Computer, Inc.
Developer of software for equipment rental companies. The software runs on IBM 386 and 486 based computers. This company was capitalized by venture capital.

CORESense: Retail Software Solutions
Offers integrated system to manage web-based POS, eCommerce, eBay, call center, CRM, product catalog, inventory, order fulfillment and suppliers.

J&J Consulting Corp.
Developer of Diamond(tm) retail point-of-sale software for PCs with DOS, Windows 95 and NT and Novell platforms. Also developer of Stockwatch(tm), retail inventory management software. Products are sold to the retail industry.

STS Systems
Developer of retailer solutions, focusing on customers, plans, stores, merchants and suppliers.

Equinox Industries
Provider of supply chain solutions for retailers, wholesalers, consolidators, distributors and transportation companies.

Tyler Retail Systems
Developer of retail management systems, focusing on ecommerce and bar coding systems.

Tellme Networks, Inc.
Provider of consumer Internet services which can be accessed by anyone with a telephone for free through an 800 telephone number. Services are provided to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by venture capital.

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