In-Room Internet Solutions - Retail and consumer services guide.

Viator Networks
Manufactures hardware and software for Internet access in the hospitality, offices, multiple-dwelling and multiple-tenant units, and homes.

Hardware & software for in-room communications systems that includes Internet access, fax & printing capabilities. Located in

Tut Systems
Provides Internet connectivity and video information to the hospitality industry.

Freepoint Telecom, Inc.
Provides in-building wireless voice & data networks and internet services to the hospitality industry and multi-tenant & campus environments.

On Command Corporation
Provides in-room entertainment, Internet access and information to the lodging industry.

Provides high-speed Internet connections in hotels, conference centers and airports across North America.

Everest Broadband
Provider of Internet connectivity to hotels under the brand name FastRoom.

Guest-Tek Services
Provides Internet connection & computers for guest rooms, banquet and conference rooms.

Based in Murieta, California, the company specializes in providing advanced wireless and wired Internet access to the hotels, commercial buildings, and special events.

Technology and information service providers for the hospitality industry, bringing high-speed Internet access to hotel guests, airports and meeting rooms. Offices in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

PC RoomLink
Installing PCs with high-speed Internet access, email, office productivity tools, and more in hotel rooms worldwide.

Provides hotels and resorts with in-room, high-speed Internet access and a customized Web portal with links to useful business, news, entertainment and hotel information.

Provides of video-on-demand products and Internet services to the international hospitality industry.

999 All-Inclusive Hotel Internet Marketing Studio
Provider of all-inclusive Internet services for hospitality sales management. Services include: web site design, hosting and promotion.

Provides in-room Internet access, video on demand and other hotel services.

Arch Telecom
Provider of telecom and Internet based business communications services.

Laptop Travel
Proivdes Internet access assistance to the hospitality industry.

Travelers Telecom
Provides wireless communication hardware, software & accessories and Internet services to the hospitality industry.

Provides in-room Internet access and related products.

Provides satellite services for communications such as voice, fax, email and high-speed access for data transfer, tailored transaction, secure payment services, multi-media kiosks and telemedicine.

Internet firm that specializes in web site design, hosting and marketing for the hospitality and legal industry.

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