Yarn - Retail and consumer services guide.

Indorama Synthetics
Manufacturer and worldwide exporter of cotton and synthetic textiles, yarns and raw materials used for bottling soft drinks and mineral water.

Saunders Thread Company
Manufacturer of high-performance threads and yarns.

Travancore Rayons
Manufactures rayon yarns, cellophane, cotton pulp and cellulose powder for a range of applications. All products are ecofriendly and 100 percent biodegradeable.

Nehlawi & Zarzour
Producer and wholesaler of acrylic yarns for the garment and home textile industries. The company accepts custom orders and will export shipments worldwide.

Visaka Industries
ISO 9002 certified yarn manufacturer and exporter that produces wool, synthetic and assorted blends used for suits, shirts, upholstery and curtains.

Manufacturer and exporter of natural and synthetic blended yarns and fibers.

Indus Group
Manufacturer of cotton and melange yarns for knitted apparel, hosiery and home textiles.

Lotus Indah Textie
Producers of ring spun yarn using staple fibers. Also produces embroidery and embroidered fabric, non woven stitch-bonded fabric and jet printed carpets, rugs and tiles.

Textiles D ere
Manufactures natural and synthetic blended yarns for products made by the clothing, furniture and carpeting industries. ISO 9002 certified.

Asia Polytex
Manufacturer of polyester filament yarn.

Produces rubber threads and elastic yarns used for manufacturing undergarments, toys, hosieries and diapers.

Ma Chang Enterprise
Manufacturer of covering yarn.

Bhoruka Textiles
Manufacturer of synthetic blended dyed yarn from polyester, viscose and other fibers in assorted counts for suit and shirt producers.

Teufelberger Holding
Producer of a range of cables, harnesses, ropes, slings, twines and yarns.

Relishah Export
Exporters of ringspun, carded, combed weaving and knitting yarns to Europe and Asia. A wide selection of colors and counts are available.

Sharman Woollen Mills
Manufacturer and exporter of wool and yarns available in 100 percent wool, acrylic and assorted blends.

Filati Filartex Spa
Manufacturer of yarns for weaving, hoisery and knitwear. Various cotton blends available.

Xintai Sida Cashmere
Producer of various cashmere yarns sweaters, shawls, scarves and fabrics.

Modern Fibotex
Leading manufacturer of premium hand-woven cotton and silk fabrics and exporter of fabrics, yarns and home textiles to Japan, Europe and the US.

Indo Count Industries
Manufacturer of cotton yarn and knitted fabrics including jersey, interlock and lycra. The company exports worldwide and is ISO 9002 certified.

Shihua Metallic Yarn
Manufacturer of metallic yarn.

Sadia Yarns
Manufacturer and exporter of 100% cotton and polyester/cotton blended yarns.

National Spinning Company - Hajjar & Co.
Produces acrylic yarns.

Boyang Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of metallic yarns.

Gem Spinners
Yarn spinner and exporter.

Shui Lam (International) Textile Enterprises
Manufacturer of 100% spun polyester sewing thread yarn and 100% spun polyester sewing thread yarn.

Century Mills
Provider of cotton, yarn, denim, tyrecords, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, salt, cement and pulp and paper.

GTN Group
Manufacturer and leading exporter of gray, gassed, mercerized, dyed, cotton, knitted and woven yarns, fabrics and garments.

Zhejiang New Wool Group
Manufacturer of woolen, wool knitting, machine-washable and assorted blended yarns. Authorized to import and export product.

Parkdale Mills
A manufacturer of spun yarn products. Based in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Sri Shanmugavel Group
Manufacturer of combed yarns in various blends and weights. Also produces business software for streamlining textile operations. ISO 9002 certified.

J.H. Ashworth
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Continuous Filament Yarns in polyamide, polyester, viscose

New Cell
Producers of multi purpose filament yarn that is used for womens outerwear, lingerie and in the technical and industrial fields.

Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inc.
Manufacturer of over 100 synthetic, cotton and cotton blended yarns used for knitted and woven garments, athletic hosiery and medical and industrial products.

Hilos 3 EMES
Manufacturer of 100% peruvian cotton yarn.

Himachal Fibres
Manufacturer and exporter of melange yarns that are available in over one thousand colors and various cotton and synthetic blends.

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