Synthetic Fabrics - Retail and consumer services guide.

United Syrian Company (USYCO)
Manufacturer of synthetic leathers used for garments, footwear, luggage, upholstery, purses and various personal accessories.

Haojey Company
Producers of spandex fabrics and polyester textured and fancy yarns. The company manufactures Technofine, a fast drying fabric used for athletic and sportswear.

Dawon Textile
Producer of nylon and polyester fabrics.

Harco Exports
Manufacturer and exporter of polyester, viscose, woven and printed fabrics for casual and formal wear.

Hae IL
Manufacturer and worldwide exporters of polyester, suede, melange and micro fabrics.

Sung Jin Corporation
Fabric manufacturer of nylon- and polyester-blended fabrics including taffeta, satin and taslen.

Jeen Wei Enterprise
Manufacturer and exporter of polyester and nylon fabric, including raw white (loon state), polyester, nylon, jacquard, tartan, twill, micro, satin, webbing, ylon ristop, PVC tarpaulin and mesh.

Manufacturer and exporter of lycra for the Dupont Lycra brand and woolen fabrics for the Woolmark brand.

Produces polyester, viscose and acetate fabrics and linings for manufacturers in the garment industry.

Alpha Flock
Manufacturer of precision cut electrostatically treated dyed flock fibers such as Nylon-66, Nylon-6, viscose (rayon), acrylic and polyester.

Producer of synthetic leather and polyurethane resin products. Includes upholstery, sports gloves, balls, bat cases, shoes and bags.

Producer of flexible vinyl, laminated polyester, polymer membrane, vinyl mesh and woven industrial scrim.

Manufacturer of microfiber fabrics that combine high breathability with moisture management. Diverse uses include activewear, uniforms, carpet construction, automobiles, shoe liners and home furnishings.

Bo Kwang Textiles
Manufactures nylon tafeeta.

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