Lawn and Garden Fertilizer - Retail and consumer services guide.

Liquid Kelp Specialty Fertilizer is ideal for Houseplants, Flowers, Lawns, Gardens, Vegetables, Fruits and Fruit Trees, Field Crops, Trees and Shrubs, and Composting.

Terra Viva Organics
Site includes organic growing advice, organic fertilizers, natural pest controls, weekly tips, feature products, and a monthly newsletter. Located in Vancouver, Canada.

Gardener's Supply Company
Fertilizer products.

Mills Magic Rose Mix
A unique combination of 100% natural ingredients which encourages lush foliage and bountiful blooms for your roses.

PlanTea Organic Fertelizer
All natural plant food good for all plants, seedlings and cuttings, indoors and out.

Stokes Tropical Fertilizer
Watch Us Grow
Premium, all purpose, liquid fertilizer used for indoor and outdoor plants, from Azaleas to Zinnias.

Planet Natural
Shop online for organic gardening supplies, composters & composting equipment, organic fertilizers, beneficial insects (ladybugs, praying mantis), earth friendly home products.

Marson Biocare
Markets organic soil conditioners under the brand name TerraCare. Marson also markets PlantaCare, an organic soil conditioner for home gardeners; TerraCare Organic Mushroom Casing Soil; and TerraChip an excellent germination medium for plants.

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