Fabric Associations - Retail and consumer services guide.

Southern Textile Association
nonprofit organization of individuals in the textile and related industries with a common interest in all phases of textile manufacturing.

Association of the Dutch clothing and knitwear industries providing a bi-lingual member database.

Swiss Textiles Association
Swiss Textiles Association

Organizer of trade shows and publications for the apparel and sewn products categories.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - Textile Engineering Division (TED)
Textile Engineering Division technical focus is on product and process technology improvement to the many different aspects of fiber, composite, textile and apparel manufacturing operations, textile machinery and instrumentation.

The Hemp Industry Association
Promoting fair and equal treatment of Industrial Hemp and the instigation of a level playing field on which to compete with other natural resources and synthetics, encouraging global production of Hemp as a raw material for industry.

National Cotton Council
The mission of the National Cotton Council of America is to strengthen the ability of U.S. cotton producers, ginners, crushers, merchants, warehousemen, cooperatives and textile manufacturers to compete effectively and profitably in the raw cott.

American Textile Manufacturers Institute
The American Textile Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) is the national trade association for manufacturers of textile mill products made in the United States.

Cotton Incorporated
Association that builds consumer demand for US upland cotton by providing value–added programs and services both in the US and internationally for producers, mills, manufacturers and retailers.

Textile World
TEXTILE WORLD ONLINE serves textile executives in their dual roles as managers and technologists with frequently updated information about new products, technology and on-site plant applications.

American Yarn Spinners Association
national trade association of the sales yarn industry in the United States. Its membership includes more than 100 corporations who operate over 300 yarn spinning, texturing, mercerizing and dyeing plants.

Textile portal with information on global providers and outlets of fabrics, services and directories.

International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA)
Alabama Textile Manufacturers Association
The mission of the Alabama Textile Manufacturers Association is to provide a framework through which the fiber, textile, apparel, home furnishing, hosiery and associated textiles can respond to issues and opportunities for all segments of the in.

Textured Yarn Association of America
The main role of TYAA is to promote greater technological communication between individuals and companies of the textured yarn industry. By updating test methods, the Association encourges member companies to maintain active research and develop.

Provider of information on man-made, synthetic and cellulosic fibers. Site maintained by the American Fiber Manufacturers Association.

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
AATCC provides education, technology transfer and test method development for the textile wet processing industry.

Southeastern Apparel Manufacturers & Suppliers Association (SEAMS)
Manufacturing companies in the sewn products industry.

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