Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories - Retail and consumer services guide.

Tair Wai Enterprise
Specializes in producing metal furniture such as kitchen racks, bathroom racks, TV stands, dining sets, vanity sets, tables, screens, partitions and mirrors.

Manufacturer of floss, tongue scrapers, toothbrush racks and gum brushes.

Hydro Products
Manufacturer of high quality plumbing products and water supply systems. Specialize in producing brass/bronze castings.

Australian Bathroom Concepts
Designer and manufacturer of framed and frameless bath and shower screens.

Scales Express
Supplier of bathroom and kitchen scales.

Metro Sanitations
Manufacturer and exporter of bathroom fittings and bath accessories.

Pookoo Industrial
Manufacturer whose products include faucets, soap dispensers, aerosol dispensers, auto hand dryers and auto urinal flushers.

R.H. International
Manufacturer of a variety of brass bathroom fittings.

Shiv Ganga
Manufacturer of a variety of bathroom accessories in ceramics like towel stands, soap cases, taps and mirror frames.

Jastion Plastic
Manufacturer of plastic and steel cabinets.

Aloys F. Dornbracht
Manufacturer of high quality bathroom and kitchen fittings and accessories.

Jianni I Industry
Manufacturer of wall switches and sockets, artistic covers and bathroom-related accessories.

Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise
Manufacturer of acrylic for products such as furniture and signboards.

Taiwan Stanch Company
Manufacturer of compress packs, instant ice bags and hot sacs, eye soothers, soothing masks, sitz bathtubs, physical douches and decubitus ulcer cushions.

Kuching Internation
Manufactures ceramic mixing cartidges and faucets.

Han Shyh Enterprise
Manufacturer of hardware for cabinets including pulls, knobs and hinges.
Supplier of decorative kitchen and bath products to the value oriented internet customer. specializes in sinks and faucets.

Brass 'R' Us, Wholesale
Manufacturer and exporter of brass builder hardware products, including switch covers, door knockers, hinges, curtain ties, cabinet knobs, bathroom accessories, hooks and handles.

Taiwan Chuang Dar Industrial
Manufacturer of wood and metal furniture and accessories such as soap dishes, trash baskets, shelving units, kitchen carts and racks, CD racks and office accessories.

Manufacturer of metal furniture and accessories, bathroon accessories, wire gadgets and computer tables.

Full Home Industrial
Manufacturer of faucets and bathroom accessories such as racks and hooks.

Huei Tyng Enterprise
Manufacturer of metal furniture for the living room and bathroom.

Flywell International
Manufacturer of steel and wire products such as barbecue accessories, household shelves and racks, kitchen and bathroom accessories, CD racks, restaurant supplies and store display fixtures.

Shine-Mall Industry Company
Manufacturer of metal bathroom accessories and metal housewares, mainly for the North American market.

Sabre Bright Enterprise
Producer of indoor and outdoor faucets, sinks, valves, sink strainers, showerheads and sink hoses.

Kuang An Glass
Producer of bent and flat tempered glass for industrial, appliance, lighting, furniture, computer monitor, and decorative applications.
Designer toilet seats for home or office.

Shtang Jia Industrial
Manufacturer of shower arms/heads, faucets, aerators, brackets, swivels, elbows, diverters and brass fittings.

Chin Ho Fu Company
Manufacturer and exporter of bathtubs, mirrors, faucets, toilet seat covers, injected acrylic accessories and metallic accessories.

Yuan Mou Sanitary Articles
Manufacturer of various rubber wheels, heat and pressure-proof fasteners, hardware, bathroom materials, plastic wheels and injection products.

Shyamla Corporation
Exporter of glass washbasins, bathroom fixtures and stainless steel accessories.

Hoyo Foundry
Manufacturer of gifts, bathroom accessories, key rings, bar sets, letter openers, desk-top accessories, clocks, photo frames, ashtrays, table-tops and bathroom accessories.

Taiwan Melamine Products Industrial
Manufacturer of tableware, hotel goods and bathroom accessories, children wares, kitchen tools and trays.

Water Works
Provider of plumbing, tile, and furnishing products for the decorating of a bathroom.

Manufacturer of plumbing products, faucets, and a supplier of kitchen sinks and plumbing repair specialty products.

Rare Hardware Co.
Manufacturer of bathroom accessories such as towel bar, soap holder, paper holder, T.B holder, towel ring and building hardware.

Manufacturer and installer bathtub liners, wall surrounds and cultured marble vanity tops.

Garland Metals Industry
Manufacturer that specializes in flexible tubing for public telephones, communication appliances and bathing equipment.

Taiwan Kingbird Enterprises
Manufacturer of bathroom accessories (racks, handles, hooks and holders) and faucets. Specialized in producing zinc die castings, as well as trimming, vibration, electric plating, lacquering and packaging.

Wangs Union Plumbing
Produces a range of taps/faucets, shower heads and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Also produces plumbing fittings and valves.

Bay Yang Enterprise
Manufacturer of faucets, bathroom accessories and hardware.

Involved in plastic injection, zinc die casting and brass casting. Products includes plumbing, housewares, massage shower, faucet aerator, water purification and bathroom accessories such as toilet seats and shower racks.

New Sunbrass Company
Manufactures and exports canvas and metal wardrobes, baker's racks, wrought-iron and glass tables and stands, metal and wood breakfast sets, bookshelves, wine racks, bath carts, hampers and brass beds.

Chia Hsing Liou Industrial
Manufacturer of computer desks, shelves, dining tables, stools, bookshelves, valets, bath accessories and various racks.

Royee International
Manufacturer of lamp fixtures, faucets, and a line of bathroom accessories such as cup and toothbrush holders, towel racks and hooks, toilet paper and soap holders. Also produces kitchen and table ware, including condiment holders, bread/bagel .

Ho Pang
Manufacturer of bathroom racks, triangular stands, water pumps (3 batteries), canvas lockers, tablecloth clips and brass head aluminum folding canes.

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