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Media Fitz
A freelance Multimedia Designer in Los Angeles, CA, who specializes in graphics, animation, web page design , DVD or broadcast video.

Innovision Media Group
A full service multimedia company based in California that houses graphic computing systems for a wide range of services.

cr8ive4u, LLC
Specializes in multi-media productions, 3D extrusions, photo retouching, logo design, market data research and tradeshow design.

CHOPS & Associates Live Animation
Home of Pentium-based Performance Animation, a virtual reality experience that brings 3D characters to life, using real-time animation and unusual video displays.

BMC Media Services
Provide customized interactive media services, including photo imaging, art and design.

Sky Creative Media Group
Company provides creative products and services in the forms of CD-ROM authoring, web site design, digital imaging, electronic pre-press, photo and video production, strategic marketing services and custom aircraft paint design.

Wild Media
Directorial and design firm that creates colorful imagery and graphics. The firm provides creative and production services for film, tv, radio, print and the Internet.

Spacebug Design
Produces animations, illustrations, and characters through graphic, web and motion design.

Company provides online photo collage services with a digital collage gallery available for idea generation.

Pettit Network
Creative communications company. Providing ideation, focus group research, new product introductions, creative direction, design, layout, copywriting, illustration art, photography, typesetting, production art, pre-press and printing services. .

Oh Boy, A Design Company
Provides creative design and production services.

Philips Consumer Electronics Company
Worldwide producer of consumer sound, visual and multimedia electronics.

Double M Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of computer graphics cameras. The cameras have applications in areas such as hospitals and animation. The company also manufactures slide carriers. Products are sold to multiple industries.

Digital Wave Productions
In Portland, OR provides avid editing, motion graphics, video compression, and voice over work.

A non-profit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis.

Burke Design Group, Inc.
Provider of animation graphic design and transferring services. The company will design the animation graphics and then transfer the graphics onto Beta tapes. Services are provided to the media and television studios. This company was capital.

Media Revolution
A creative design firm that starts with the ideas behind a project, moves to how those ideas are translated and delivered to the end user and then creates the graphics and text that best tell a story or interpret a client's product. Located in .
Online creative community containing portfolios and detailed work profiles of photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, art directors, animators, industrial designers, advertising agencies, copywriters, interactive artists and surface desi.

Creative Imaging
Provides design services for advertisements, print, web, packaging and logos; based in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Spotted Cow Media
Services include: web design, web hosting, content development, and internet and intranet solutions.

Pacific Ocean Digital
Found in Santa Monica, CA, previous projects include internet web sites, CD-ROM, digital video productions for broadcast television, electronic press kits, and full-scale kiosk applications.

Internet animation studio distributing cartoons created and produced by and collaborators such as Garry Trudeau and starring characters such as Marvin the Martian and Dilbert.

Kreber Graphics
Provider of high-tech digital solutions for desktop publishing. Services include creative design, digital photography, electronic prepress and digital page assembly, digital printing with variable data and database publishing. Keber's SmartSer.

Match Frame Post Production
Digital post production and computer graphics company offering HDTV post production, 3D animation and special effects for televsion and film.

Media Bureau Networks
An online station that offers development, distribution and promotion of Webcasting content. This includes live audio and video, virtual environments, and the engineering webcasting capabilities.

Intervox Communications
Consulting services to broadcast and entertainment companies. Including the integration of new technologies and advertising strategies on the Internet; based in Washington, DC.

Creative new media company that specializes in the development of web interfaces. As an organization, their specialist skills lie in: online animation, live and archived video and audio webcasting and online marketing tools.

Film East
Provides design services, 2D & 3D animation, and visual effect for television, Commercials, main titles, feature films, corporate, and special venue projects.

Contact A Creative
One-stop meeting point for an International community of photographers, illustrators and designers. Searches and portfolios available for designers, advertisers and creative services.

MindShare Media Corp.
Newport Beach, California, company integrating interactive media with Web, extranet, online & CD-ROMs.

Nate Owens - Artist
Illustrator and painter, known for his paintings of western and nostalgia themes, has performed commercial illustration since 1964.

Firehouse Image Center
Provides photo services, digital services, printing services and Internet services.

United Kingdom based center where artistic and technological talent work together to transform the creation of 'traditional' moving image media, and develop new interactive media forms.

Visual Effects Headquarters Archive
Find up-to-date news, links, and information on the visual effects industry.

Computer Film Company
Is a visual effects house, working on feature films and commercials. Located in the United Kingdom.

Consults, designs and produces Human-Computer interaction, specializing in networked interactive media.

The Official Nintendo Video Game Site. Find codes, reviews, and news about games for Nintendo video game systems.
Resource for finding design-related Web sites and personnel.

Wintergreen Associates
Developer of an applications development software toolkit, FormRunner(R). Provider of web page design services. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.

OEM Marketing, Inc.
Provider of online marketing, advertising, documentation and training. Also design, copywrite, produce, replicate and distribute for all print and electronic media. And a web site designer and developer. Parent/holding company with a high-tec.

Visible Light DIGITAL
State of the art MPEG video encoding and advanced digital media authoring services.
An exchange for connecting independent professionals with contract projects.

RosArt Multimedia
3D Animation, Graphics and storyboard development for interactive technology content productions.

Lambert and Landers
Creative shop and production company.
Interactive web portfolios for artists containing their biography, portfolios and contact information.

Lamb & Co.
Services the American Midwest, and specializes in computer graphics and digital special effects.

Advanced Solutions Group
Interactive media, CD-ROM's and Internet presentations.

DigitalCustom Group
Provider of digital image editing services for advertising, marketing, media and professional photography applications.

Impact Media Group
A design studio offering a full palette of creative solutions, including corporate identity and logotypes, packaging, direct mail, signage, 3D modeling, photo manipulation, and desktop video and audio.

Silicon Beach Communication
Is a full-service interactive media design and development company web design and custom web-based application development; Santa Barbara, CA.

EMA Multimedia
Provides Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising solutions.

Object One Design
Is a Denver, Colorado based company concentrating in object-oriented analysis and design relating to software implementation.

Jeff Hobrath Art Studio
Freelance artist providing services in computer graphics, traditional graphics and web design.

Haley Productions
Specializes in interactive multimedia production, web design and film and video production.

M/B Interactive
Is a multimedia content and Web development company with most of its clients coming from Entertainment and the Internet. Based in New York City.

Located in Los Angeles, California, creates strategic e-business solutions, web sites, intranets, networked kiosks for businesses.

Creative Services
From custom icons and backgrounds all the way to scriptwriting, image generation and storyboarding we have the insight and skills to understand your company's needs and make it happen.

Shoji Hasegawa
Collection of Shoji Hasegawa's 3DCG artworks.

George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF)
California based GLEF creates media that promote a vision of learning where students are challenged and engaged, have access to interactive technologies, and are supported by inspired teachers and involved parents and communities.

Bi Coastal Interactive Group
Specializing in marrying the respective strengths of disc based media, like CD-Rom and DVD, with those of the world wide web.

Firm with experience directing national commercials, music videos, giant vidiwall rock shows, dramatic work, complex digital and visual effects and original stop motion techniques. The firm also specializes in information and global network arc.

Blue 105
Specializes in entertainment and media and performs translation service, web hosting and design.

Le Breux International Inc.
Performs photography, video, film and multimedia productions, creative consulting and art direction. Based in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Integrates the building and marketing of digital businesses. Offices are located in London, Paris, Germany, California, New York, Missouri and Toronto.

Electralux Web Design
Located in San Francisco, at the heart of Multimedia Gulch, their service includes Interactive Multimedia, Corporate Identity, Digital Video, Production, CD Rom Production.

4Media Multimedia Production
Creates CD-ROMs, laptop presentations, kiosks, animation, CBT, and web sites via high-powered PCs and Macs.

Company that creates and develops cartoon characters for licensing and merchandising to major corporations for a fee and/or royalty payments.

Dynamic Digital Depth (DDD)
Provider of three-dimensional content, services and delivery solutions to filmmakers, broadcasters, webmasters and videogame developers.

Audio Visual Tools
Is a web source for audiovisual information for audiovisual staging technicians and a freelancer database.

Online general store carrying photographs, engravings, maps, advertising, trade catalogs, prints, paintings, illustrations, ephemeral items of uncommon real antique items. Provides exclusive content for commercial advertising, editorial, resale .

High Concept Productions
Devoted to the creation of original novels, stories, non-fiction books, screenplays, and multimedia.

Media Circus Animations
Group uses humor as a force to transcend limitations in cartoons, comic strips and caricatures.

Harrow Productions
Of Australia, is a full service multimedia company that services all areas of new media.

Full-service creative company whose work includes videos, commercials, titles, photography, photo-illustration, web design and graphic design. Located in Los Angeles, California.

Jan Collier Represents
Directory of designers and illustrators that includes their biography, portfolio and contact information.

Silicon Graphics Interactive
Systems deliver advanced computing and 3D visualization capabilities to scientific, engineering, and creative professionals and large enterprises. In addition, SGI creates innovative software for design, Internet, and entertainment applications..

Video A Go-Go Entertainment Systems
Provides interactive entertainment and multimedia programs, delivering a line of video products, CD-ROMs, on-line and information services.

On Location Multimedia
Hardware and Software Selection Services include; Program and CD-ROM Development, MPEG and AVI File, Conversion, Hardware Specification, Acquisition, and more. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Click 3x
Specializes in design, animation, and visual effects for features, television, and music videos.

Sega of America is based in San Francisco, California. Their site provides information on all their products, including Dreamcast, game hints, and much more.

Directory of UK Design Consultants
A directory of design consultants, organized according to ergonomics, engineering, fashion, graphics, industrial, interior and Internet.

Association for Interactive Media
Provider of multimedia consulting services. The company provides networking resources, information services and marketing support. Services are provided to over 300 companies in the new media business.

LucasArts Entertainment
International developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for a variety of computer and console platforms. Based in San Rafael, California, LucasArts is one of five companies in the Lucas Group.

4th Gear Productions
Is a full service graphics and multimedia company.

Robotham Creative Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts creative 'boutique' with expertise in print, film, video and web media, providing advertising, design, integrated marketing, cross-media, cinematography and commercials.

Dream Theater Interactive
Produces interactive media delivery pathways such as World Wide Web, CD Rom, and DVD.

Interactive media from web design and CD-ROM's to press kits and corporate presentations.

Del Padre Visual Productions
Provide the highest quality video and multimedia productions. Based in Massachusetts.

Is a full service multimedia company serving the entertainment industry.

U R There Productions
Multimedia production house specializing in 360-degree panoramic photography.

Provides electronic services and integrated systems design, utilizing the Internet; strive to combine strategy, technology and creative skill to produce business critical e-solutions for businesses and consumers.

Is a full service digital effects company which provides a wide range of services, including digital compositions, 2D & 3D effects, wire and object removal, film stock repair and restoration, and digital film scanning and recording. A wholly ow.

Skyline Network Technologies, Inc.
Provider of Internet, software and computer services. Parent/holding company with a unit involved in Internet appliances. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.

DC Design - Digital Creations
A creative resource for original graphic design, desktop publishing, and web publishing that applies to everything from brochures to advertising to product design.

Red Delicious
Full design and implementation of your corporate image on the World Wide Web.Located in Alameda, California.

Provider of full-color holographic design services.

Dalpe Associates
Provides a directory and search engine focusing on art, creative services and media.

Digital Directory
Directory for art directors with online portfolios of photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, new media artists and web developers.

Advocate and provocateur, challenging museum curators, funders, and both mainstream and specialized press for their perpetual ignorance of and marginalization of media art.

Kudzu New Media Studios
Turnkey solutions, from initial design to complete HTML authoring, housing and maintenance; specializes in movie and entertainment-related web sites.

Bouquet Multimedia
Multimedia entertainment studio-for independent filmmakers, producers of commercials, music videos and industrial videos, as well as creators of Internet content.

Power Production Software
Products for creating, formatting and presenting storyboards for film, video, DVD or the Internet.

Reel One Media
Full-service digital media company producing high-end video, animation and interactive multimedia presentations.

George Ladas Illustration
Analytical and conceptual drawings for advertising, publishing, film and video production.

Turntable Media
Digital design, development and strategic consulting firm concentrating mainly on the entertainment industry.

View360 Prods.
Focused on creating virtual reality content for Internet and multimedia companies.

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