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Australian Museum
Museum of natural history.

Center includes a museum, an oceanarium, snake park and tropical house.

Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie
Museum and science center including the Park de la Villette, theaters, interactive media and learning experiences, exhibits and a conference hall.

Moshe Rynecki Virtual Museum
Virtual museum of paintings by Moshe Rynecki.

Bellingham Art League
Provider of Internet hosting and search/indexing services for art works. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Collaborates with tmuseums and exhibitors worldwide to present major exhibitions, works and other art-related content online.

Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Online museum of unusual science such as UFOs.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
Online library of 19th century pictures, maps and descriptions of railroad construction and travel.

National Museum of Science & Industry
Museum includes the Science Museum, National Railway Museum and National Museum - Photography, Film and Television.

Scientific Center of Kuwait
Center features a public aquarium, an IMAX theater and a children's museum.

National Gallery of Canada
Visual arts museum of international stature.

Pecos Rio Grande Museum of Early Man
Online museum of anthropology.

Drop Zone Virtual Museum
Online museum dedicated to World War II.

Museum of Web Art
Online museum dedicated to the art, technology and culture of the World Wide Web.

Nobel e-Museum
Virtual museum featuring the scientific and literary achievements and peace efforts recognized by the Nobel Prize.

China the Beautiful
Online museum of Chinese art.

Herb Lane Museum
Online museum featuring the works of Herb Lane.

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