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Qualisys, Inc.
Manufactures the MacReflex Motion Capture System. MacReflex can be used with either a Macintosh or PC (PC Reflex) computer. Up to seven Qualisys digital CCD cameras can be configured in a system for three-dimensional analysis.

Film East
Provides design services, 2D & 3D animation, and visual effect for television, Commercials, main titles, feature films, corporate, and special venue projects.

Ascension Technology Corp.
Has three and six degrees of freedom motion trackers. Based in Burlington, VT.

Chiodo Bros. Prods.
Through special effects, they bring art to life for other filmakers froom their Burbank, CA office.

Motion Analysis Corp.
Manufacturer of equipment used to detect movement or vibration of machinery. Products are sold to multiple industries.

Is the creator of The Gypsy Motion Capture System.

Kodak Australia - Professional Motion Imaging - Welcome
A business unit of KODAK (Australasia) Pty Ltd. PMI works closely with feature film, television, documentary and TV commercial producers locally, and visiting productions from around the world.

Northern Digital
Specializes in the design and manufacture of precision optical 3D motion measurement systems.

Modern Uprising Studios
Dedicated to providing the world with the most accurate, reliable, accessible and affordable motion capture data.

Polhemus, Inc.
Developes, manufactures and markets 3D scanning, position/orientation- tracking systems, motion capture and digitizing solutions.Products include: real time RF wireless full body, multiple performer motion capture systems, hand held 3D auto stit.

Innovator of human animation technology based on motion capture for applications in the entertainment, interactive, and multimedia industries.

Puppet Works
Develops technology that enhances the interaction of computer animators with their software.

Viking Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of printed circuit board connectors, relay sockets, compliant connectors, card edge connectors, umbilical connectors and medical minicircular connectors. Products are sold to the aerospace, avionics, medical and computer industries.

Motional Realms
A physics-based simulation and animation tool. It is ideal for animating accident re-creations, movie special-effects and game cut-scenes.

Foundation Imaging
In Valencia, California, creates computer visual effects, miniatures and motion control for the entertainment industry.

Allows one to capture any human movement you can think of, and apply it to 3D models used in your animation for games, movies, and advertising.

Famous Facial Animation Solutions
A center for motion capture expertise, operating both facial and body motion capture systems.

Produces 3D character animation using its proprietary software.

House of Moves Motion Capture Studios
Provides professional motion capture services, stock 3D motion data, and custom 3D animation tools for the entertainment industry.

Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc.
Custom manufacturer of inspection equipment, machine vision inspection systems, wavefront processors and sensors, fast framing cameras, CCD cameras, digital line scan and area scan cameras, complex and miniature lenses, motion analyzers, precisi.

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